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Why You Must Use Pinterest For Your Business?

Why You Must Use Pinterest For Your Business?

Digital Owl 529 12-Feb-2021

Social media platforms have become an essential part of marketing for many businesses. From small to big, all the businesses are now generating leads with the help of social media. Though people use Facebook and Instagram the most for marketing purposes, they have forgotten the most beneficial platform, which is Pinterest. Yes, it’s the best platform to convert your audiences into customers.

Pinterest is not just a social media platform, but it’s a search engine with 250 million active users. The number itself defines it as the most popular social media platform amongst the digital audience. Need more reasons to use it for your business. Here’s a list.

Convert browsers into buyers

Pinterest works as another big search engine as people use it for searching and browsing. The best part about Pinterest is that it cuts down the number of steps from discovery to conversion, and it helps the audience to reach to the source directly. All together leads to faster conversion of leads to sales, and this makes Pinterest one of the best social media for lead generation.

Drive traffic

Another best quality of Pinterest is that it helps you increase the number of links back to your website. It will, in turn, drive more traffic to your site. Although the traffic is correlated to your audience’s interest, if you create great quality content, you’ll see an uptick in traffic. You will instantly see a rise in your followers and links.

High engagement

Pinterest has better engagement than other social media platforms. The main reason is that, here, people share the content with a small group of people. How does this benefit your business? The pins you create will be seen, shared, and also can go viral.

Increased inbound link

Since every pin you create on Pinterest has a link attached to it, which leads back to the source of the visual. If you have product images on Pinterest, you can turn your Pinterest audience into website visitors. That’s the beauty of visual or image search.

Social media integration

As Pinterest integrates with your website, and also other social media platforms such as Facebook, and Twitter, it makes your job easy. You can cross-promote your pins on your social feed.

Audience interest

The best part about Pinterest is that it lets you understand your audience better. How? You can simply follow a few of your followers, and see what they have shared or posted. It will help you know what they love, and with that information, you can easily create personalized content for them.

Thus, if you don’t have a business account on Pinterest, you must activate one. Pin it, until you win it!

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