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Website Design Mistakes That Need To Be Avoided in 2021

Website Design Mistakes That Need To Be Avoided in 2021

Muhammad Adil 618 11-Feb-2021

Do you know that website design and development strategy can either make or break your online business? There are certain dos and don’ts of website design that should be taken under consideration while developing and maintaining a website. In this article, I have discussed what to avoid when designing a website. Here are common website design mistakes to avoid in 2021:

1. Website Design and Development That isn’t Mobile Friendly

Mcommerce is the eCommerce of 2021. In this age of handheld devices, people navigate websites through their phones and tablets. They simply prefer to use their smartphones to do online shopping. If your website is not designed for smartphones, you are losing a huge chunk of prospective online customers. Make sure that your website supports omnichannel web design. This means that the display of your website should be adjusting according to the device from which it is being accessed. If the web designer is not keeping mobile-friendliness in view during website design and development, he is making a huge mistake.

2. Lack of Speed Optimization

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be... functional.” ― Cameron Moll

If your website is designed in a way that it causes speed optimization issues, then no matter how eye-catching the design is, your website isn’t functional.

In other words, lack of speed optimization is one of the major things to avoid when creating a website. To avoid this issue, you have to re-evaluate a few design elements. For example, make sure that all of your images are optimized. Furthermore, see if the themes and plugins used are not causing speed issues. Regularly check your website’s speed optimization after every update. Make sure that the speed issue is not due to bad website design and development practices.

3. Bad Call to Action (CTA)

What’s a CTA for a website? Call to action or CTA is the prompt that makes the user perform an action. It can be making a purchase, or contacting the business for more details. A good CTA is concise, clear, and persuasive. A bad call to action is misleading, and may miss potential customers. You must be very clear in writing and designing CTA. The placement of CTA also matters. If a it isn’t placed correctly, this design mistake can cause financial loss to online business. Looking forward to 2021, bad CTA is one of the top things to avoid when creating a website.

4. Bad Font Usage in Website Design and Development

Bad fonts look unpleasant to eye, cause readability issues, and may drive cutomers away. Not only font type matters, but font size also affects the design of a website. A website should’nt have too small or extra large font text running around. There is another mistake regarding fonts that must be avoided at al costs - using too many fonts at one page. They make a page look messy and unpleasant.

5. No Alt Text for Images

Like your website content, the images on your website should also be search engine friendly. Alt text on images not only help people with visibility issues, but also makes images SEO friendly. No Alt text for images is a mistake that is frequently made by website designers.

6. Incorrect Branding

Branding is the face of a business. If you do not do it right, you are messing with the business’s identity. The website designer must understand the culture and requirements of the business and portray it in their website. Incorrect branding may miss the target audience and potential customers. Hence, incorrect branding is one of the top mistakes a designer must avoid.

In case you want to start an online business or rebrand your website, make sure that you hire services of a website development company that understands your business and values. Website design and development is both science and art. You cannot build a good website by just being creative. You have to watch website’s responsiveness, usability, and search engine optimization while designing a website.

Muhammad Adil

Muhammad Adil

MUHAMMAD Adil Sardar is a digital marketing expert. He has helped several brands grow from nothing to a successful name in the past few years. He believes smart work and business values go a long way when it comes to success.

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