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iPhone SE Camera Tips - How to take great photos on iPhone SE

iPhone SE Camera Tips - How to take great photos on iPhone SE

Vishal Unjiya1021 31-Jan-2021

iPhone SE is Apple’s cheapest phone ever. It ditched the multi-camera array of its pricier sibling (iPhone 11 Pro) to achieve the lower price tag. So, iPhone SE naturally limits the shooting options for you. There is no ultrawide lens to capture everything in front. You can neither zoom in on specific details using the telephoto lens.

iPhone app development companies are also coming up with various editing apps for better camera functions.  

iPhone SE Camera Tips

iPhone SE does not have the triple camera setup, but its single camera can still take some worthy shots. All you need is “know your phone camera.” Here are some useful tips-

Use the Grids

We all are familiar with the “rule of thirds” principle. Just go to Settings > Phone & Settings and turn on the grid lines. It will give you a 3x3 overlay while capturing images and a more visually appealing composition. Gridlines are a great way to avoid becoming a victim of dreaded photo wonkiness.

Utilize Daylight

Your iPhone SE does not support Night Mode or Deep Fusion processing as in iPhone 11 Pro. So, it does not take awesome shots in low light.

If you are planning to have a photoshoot, then plan it during daylight. Avoid the mid-noons when the sun creates harsh light and deep shadows. Also, avoid the night time as your phone camera will struggle even more. Late afternoons when the sun begins to set, is the best time to take the photos. It provides you some bold landscapes with satisfying contrast.  

Add-on Accessories

You can add-on some accessories compatible with your iPhone SE. It will enhance your iPhone’s functionality.


A good tripod will provide stability to your images and videos. It avoids you from taking blurred and shaky images. It is a must for any photographer.


Though your iPhone SE does have an in-built flash, it has its limitations. Investing in an external flash like iBlazr will enhance your night-time and low-light photography. It's four high-power LED lights help to illuminate the photo subject.

LuMee Selfie Light case has in-built LED lights creating a luminous frame around your iPhone SE. It helps you take brighter and more vibrant selfies. 

Lens Clips

Lens clips let you add creativity to the snaps. A 3-in-1 kit from Olixer is a worthy choice. You can clip on fish-eye, macro, and wide-angle lenses to improve your photography with minimal effort. It provides you with some breath-taking shots.

Use Editing Apps

If you want your images to look extra-special, then consider using editing apps. Now, you don’t need to transfer pictures to your desktop or PC for advanced editing. Adobe Lightroom Mobile gives better exposure and color settings to your snaps just as its desktop version.

Pixlr, Photoshop Mix, PicsArt, Prisma, etc. apps will help you apply various special features to your photos. Google’s Snapseed is a super-cool app with a simple interface. It lets you choose from a host of artistic effects and is free of cost.  

Capture Photos Using Burst Mode

Your iPhone SE can take ten photos per second using the burst mode. Just drag the shutter button to the left (for portrait) or down (for landscape). Hold it on, and it will take hundreds of images in super-quick succession.

It’s a great tool for fast-paced subjects as it captures split-second action. Later, you can view the stack in your gallery and select the desired shot. Isn’t it super-cool?



Hence, iPhone SE may have a single camera, but you can still take amazing shots using various features. You can use grid lines and capture photos during the second half of the day. Plus, you can add-on accessories to your phone and use editing apps for better effects.

Need more help? App development companies have come up with some amazing editing apps for iPhone SE. It will surely take your photography to a different level.

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