5 digital marketing trends you need to follow right away post-COVID!

5 digital marketing trends you need to follow right away post-COVID!

While the pandemic has turned out to be an unexpected tragedy for many businesses, hundreds of others have taken the effects to their advantage. Before the pandemic struck, companies were already cultivating their presence online. Now, with a rise in online sales in India of almost 100 percent, companies and entrepreneurs know that the change might be more formidable and long-term than they ever imagined.

Today, as we approach the hopeful end or decline of the pandemic that has been challenging to individuals and businesses alike, people seldom need to purchase goods from stores physically. As the need to physically visit a store begins to fade, consumer attitudes change, thus mitigating the conventional marketing patterns.   

Keeping that in mind, here are the emerging trends that were identified by Digital Webies as profitable digital marketing trends in the latter half of the pandemic stricken days. 

An Integrated Approach 

At every step, marketers will need to understand the consumer while using personalized methods, data, and tools to stay ahead in the game. Traditional brand models provide a generalized experience for customers. But now 'personalized' and 'relevant' are the central terms in focus while catering to consumer demands instead of a wholesome experience intended to appeal to everyone. To pique curiosity, strategically positioned advertisements on social media or associated searches on e-commerce sites are then used. Following a conventional brand, funnel presumes unchanging customer behavior and proves to be a flawed idea. Thus, the need for new digital marketing means and trends is on the rise.

ROI Focus 

Indeed, this vast market change triggered by the influx of online shoppers would mean that companies would have to increase their investments in developing their presence and online marketing of their goods. It is evident that during and after COVID-19, all the high Return on Investment (ROI) producing instruments and digital platforms, including SEO company in Bangalore, programmatic ads, and conversational marketing, will experience an unprecedented increase in investment.

More Work Being Outsourced to India 

Indian entrepreneurs and digital marketers will possibly see the proliferation of brands worldwide as they go virtually. It's a moment of reckoning, one that India's digital marketers and developers are more than happy to recognize.

Small and medium brands grouping together 

When brands digitally evolve for a virtual future, many companies must consider symbiotic relationships, in which they are grouped together with other brands. This will bring many benefits, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses that are currently not equipped to meet higher requirements. A lot of money can be spent on ads by working together and sharing costs.

The leap of Digital marketing as a Profession  

Studies suggest that the need for trained digital marketers will at least triple next year. In turn, this will contribute to the growth of a new, more experienced range of digital marketing experts. Many entrepreneurs see an opportunity to meet and welcome the changing needs of the digital market.

Keep these trends in mind to recover post-pandemic with Digital Webies!

Last updated:1/27/2021 12:21:05 PM


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