SEO Trends For 2021

SEO Trends For 2021

Program optimization (SEO) requires great levels of care and feeding – not just keywords, but attention to SEO trends on the horizon. These 3 trends that we expect will be dominant in 2021. 

Page experience – Core Metrics

Google announced the new page experience update which will go sleep in 2021. We all know Google is continuously giving algorithm updates but with this much time interval.

User experience is already a neighborhood of Google’s algorithm, which incorporates factors like site security (HTTPS), page speed, intrusive interstitials, mobile-friendly, and safe browsing. This update includes ranking factors that were already a neighborhood of page speed insights, but those factors will now be further refined and weighed separately with more importance.

Few new ranking factors are mentioned here as Core Web Vitals and will be measured during a new report under the Google search console. These include:

• First Input Delay (FID) – FID is the first interacts with the page to make sure to have a great user experience, the page should have an FID of 100ms.

• Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) – to not be confused with the first contentful paint, LCP measures the loading performance of the most important contentful element on the screen, which could happen within 2.5secs to supply a great user experience.

• Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) – this is often a replacement factor added to page experience and it measures the visual stability of elements on the screen. Sites should strive for his or her pages to take care of a CLS of but .1 seconds.•

JavaScript SEO

The trend of using JavaScript is predicted to realize even more traction within the future. JavaScript ensures that your website’s content is dynamic and interactive for believe those product recommendations that are conveniently displayed at the rock bottom of a page or your product listing pages that lazy load all items to a view all page.

Now, imagine if Google wasn't ready to properly index that content. it might have a big impact on how those pages rank, wouldn’t it? YES. It absolutely will.

Checking of JavaScript is often rendered and indexed

The first step to making sure your JavaScript is often properly crawled and indexed is to see how Google is rendering the page. you'll test this by using the Live Test URL tool within the Google search console or the Rich Results Tester that conveniently allows you to see rendered page code for both Googlebot Smartphone and Desktop. If you see that the rendered page looks nothing just like the live page on your site, it’s likely your JavaScript resources aren't loading properly. you'll also check the “more info” tab to ascertain which resources weren't loaded and review rendered code.

Optimizing JavaScript Resources

If you identify your JavaScript resources aren't being rendered and indexed properly, the subsequent step is to work out what the simplest solution is for your website.

Client-side rendering is one of the foremost common pitfalls with JavaScript. While this will be fixed by switching to server-side rendering or dynamic rendering there could be a neater solution to deploy before taking over such an outsized project.

You should first attempt to diagnose which code is causing the rendering issues by watching which sections of your page don't load properly. Once done, check the following:

• Avoid any errors in JavaScript – this may cause JavaScript to not load any content on your site for crawlers or users, so it should be obvious when this happens.

• don't block JS within robots.txt – While this is often an outdated practice, some CMS’s still have this as a default. JavaScript should never be blocked and will always be accessible by program crawlers.

• Avoid # in URLs – Googlebot ignores #, so URLs that use it'll not be read properly and will prevent Google from going to the content.

• confirm hidden content is often read – If you're using JavaScript to display hidden content, Google might not be ready to crawl this content unless it's a selected URL related to it.

For further explanation on potential solutions, inspect Google’s guide JavaScript Best Practices.

Social Sites don't process JavaScript

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook don't process JavaScript. Failure to try to do this may prevent posts from exposure within the recommended format.


Schema isn't a replacement concept, but it's constantly evolving. Schema helps define the context of a question and simplify page content so search engines can easily understand what that page is about. Once added to a webpage, it'll also create rich snippets in search – these are essentially enhanced listings that are more attractive to a user.

Rich snippets can include elements like pricing information, review ratings, product availability, images, and videos that give detailed information about the content of your page.

This can be important for eCommerce sites that sell similar products to their competitors. When watching SERP results, the primary few listings will get the foremost traffic. If title tags and descriptions are essentially equivalent, schema markup can help set you apart because of the more attractive choice.

What sorts of the schema should I place on my eCommerce website?

Our general philosophy is to feature schema markup to anything possible. Giving search engines context around your site content can only make it easier for them to know and rank your content.

With that said, these are a number of the foremost common sorts of the schema we increase our eCommerce sites:

• Organization

• Website

• Product



Blog Posting


• Video

It’s also important to see the validity of the schema after its implemented. Warnings aren’t great but typically won't prevent search engines from validating it. If errors exist, the file can't be read and thus won't be validated.

There are many technical elements to concentrate on within the evolving world of SEO – we feel these three are getting to be the foremost importance to possess a well-optimized site in 2021. InnovationM’s multi-award winning, 100+ permanent team of UK-based, create web development Glasgow, web development companies in London, software development company in London, mobile app development company in London, web design company in Edinburgh, UK.

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