What's So Trendy In 2021 about Social Media Contests That Everyone Went Crazy over It?

What's So Trendy In 2021 about Social Media Contests That Everyone Went Crazy over It?

Here at social media agency dubai we love social media contests because they are one of the best ways a business can engage with its followers, build a strong community, and generate leads that can be turned into sales.

Social Media Contest Idea # 1: Host a Photo Contest

Everyone loves photo contests because it makes participants more engaged - contestants become more interested when they create something themselves. On top of that, photo contests help in social media marketing services Dubai by generating user content, which you can use in your future marketing strategies. 


Social Media Contest Idea # 2: Host a Referral Contest

A referral contest helps you generate massive interaction on social media. Since contestants are awarded extra entries for sharing your social media contest with other people, they have a clear incentive to interact with your brand and contest on social media.

Social Media Contest Idea # 3: Host a Hashtag Contest

Creating a specific hashstag for your social media marketing services dubai contest helps you track entries and measure engagement more accurately. When creating your hashtag, use something unique for your campaign - don't use something generic like '#friends', or you'll get tons of photos unintentionally.

Social Media Contest Idea # 4: Coupon

We know that it can be difficult to transform social media engagement into sales, even when you're generating leads thanks to your social media contest. An easy way to get sales from your participant list is to give them a coupon via email, as soon as they enter, or when the contest is over.


Social Media Contest Idea # 5: Host It on a Facebook Tab

Facebook is still the most popular social network on the market, and for good reason. With this in mind, our social media agency dubai host our clients social media contest within a tab of Facebook page, making it more accessible to potential participants who visit page for other reasons. Pin a post or change your cover photo to direct people to your contest tab, which can help direct clueless people where you want them to go.

Social Media Contest Idea # 6: A Staycation

I know what you're thinking: that's very expensive! And yes it is, but it is also incredibly attractive and can help you build a huge list of leads after your contest has finished. Even if it is a small staycation offer for a nearby place (for example, from Dubai to Ras al Khaimah), a staycation can be a great prize idea if you are sure that you can convert even your “coldest” leads into sales.


Ideas for Social Media Contests: To Finish

There they are, 6 social media marketing services dubai contest ideas that SEO Services Agency Dubai can use the next time you plan to host a contest. Try a couple of them and it will surely a successful social media campaign.

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