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How digital marketing is different from traditional marketing

How digital marketing is different from traditional marketing

Whether your business is small or large, you own an MNC or a startup, Marketing is very essential for its growth and business. Earlier marketing was done through traditional channels only, but as the world is moving towards the digital era, the channels for marketing are changing and are more effective than ever.

There are two types of marketing:

A. Traditional Marketing:  

Traditional marketing is old or we can say the boring way of marketing. The types and assets of promotions like advertisements over flyers, billboards, tv ads, radio ads, print advertisements, newspaper ads, etc. are the facilities that come under traditional marketing.  

Traditional marketing has 4 main phases

1. Interest, 

2. Awareness,  

3. Desire, 

4. Decision. 

B. Digital Marketing: 

Digital Marketing is the modern and the most updated way of advertising and marketing a particular brand or business. Avenir Digital Stories, a leading best digital marketing agency is known to provide exclusive services and products to market your brand on a larger scale. They follow strategies in which they promote and sell your products and services by online marketing channels. They use digital media and services, social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, browsing channels like Google, and video sharing platforms like Youtube to promote your brand.  

The four phases of Digital Marketing as Avenir Digital Stories follows are  

1. Planning,  

2. Conversation,  

3. Content, 

4. Sequels. 


Digital marketing is relatively more effective and affordable. The best digital marketing company in Delhi Avenir Digital Stories uses SEO, SEM, PPC services, and Social media channels to create content and graphics for you which helps the audience to engage with your account and eventually drive them towards your website to generate more sales to you. Whereas, traditional marketing is a door to door kind of service and requires you to invest a lot of money. It is quite a difficult task to analyze the results and outputs via traditional marketing modes but on the other hand, Avenir Digital Stories, the most promising digital marketing company in Delhi provides a detailed report about your expenditure and the positive results on each of your spendings.  

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