US Elections - An Analytical Approach

US Elections - An Analytical Approach

US elections – An Analytical Approach

2020 was year of disruption from IR3.0 (Industrial Revolution) to IR4.0 as due to Covid19 lockdown everywhere critical need of virtual interaction, robots & AI (Artificial Intelligence) was felt hastily. Covid19 facilitated unwanted boost for virtual interaction technology. Now technology is changing from mechanical interaction to virtual interaction therefore media start-ups and advertising industry must invest equally in Virtual Experience, Haptic Technologies and Environment Intelligence. For many aspects of our daily normality have been turned upside down by the Corona virus. Indeed, it is not just our routine that have disappeared but also what counts as normal in politics. In the mid of corona virus we witnessed the biggest change in global politics , the campaign of Republican Party candidate Trump and democrats Biden and Kamala.

His opponent Joe Biden made allegations on trump for mishandling the Covid pandemic situation and gathering crowd for his political gains. At the same time, US suffered with surge in Covid cases and deaths. People were dying in corridors of hospital and the president even refused to wear a mask to give a positive indication amongst Americans.

Predictions were made that democrats Biden will surely gain the benefit of having Kamala towards his side, as huge number of Indian’s reside in US who have right to vote in elections and can lobby for Biden & Kamala as well.

Meanwhile Trump's response to the pandemic, in which lacks of people in the US have died, has become a key issue in the results of presidential election. Trump kept blaming china for the Virus in his every political rally, he tried to use the anti-China sentiment in his favour but failed as the country was undergoing through a huge life threat of pandemic. Trump even tried to influence Indian Americans with the help of ruling government of republic of India. He visited India with family to hold a political rally in the mid of Feb 2020, when almost every county was undergoing Lockdown and cancelling movement of its people to other countries. At that very time, India was no left with the virus, we had cases of Covid at the end of Jan 2020 but for political inclination, Government of India conducted the program of Trump in in Gujarat called Namaste Trump followed by his visit to Agra and Delhi.

Indian PM Modi tried to strengthen relations between US and India, especially to secure a place in Security Council of UN.As US along with Russia and China has a huge stake in domination of chairs of Security Council of United Nations. It was alleged by the opposition parties like Congress, CPI, Samajwadi party and DMK that BJP ruled Central Government tried to campaign for Trump in India which led a huge controversy of political inclinations and spreading of corona virus.

Trump promised to be the greatest job-producing president in U.S. history. During his 2016 campaign, he pledged to create 25 million jobs in the next 10 years. However, due to the pandemic, there were 4.6 million fewer jobs in September 2020. Which led voters towards anti-incumbency feeling, the same happened to be with the H1b1 visa applicants as trump promised more jobs for IT sector. Trump tried to use sentiment of Americans for jobs as he made changes in Visa policy to send a message among Americans that, jobs of US is for people of US.

On the other hand Biden and Kamala used the sentiment of people, they designed campaign on Covid, Jobs, Racism, Tax cuts and Insurance. Announcement of Kamala Harris’s name as the Vice president candidate played a major role in getting the votes of second generation of Green card holder of Asians.

Counting of US election result was no less than a Dramatic movie, which took place for more than a week in the mid of Nov 2020 and finally the Electoral College declared Biden the winner of Race to white house.

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