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New Variant of Corona Virus found in UK

New Variant of Corona Virus found in UK

Siddhartha Chaturvedi 412 22-Dec-2020

New Variant of Corona Virus found in UK

After Covid 19 pandemic, new Mutant variant of Sars-CoV-2 virus (virus causing Covid-19) causing public panic in UK. The new found virus is said to be 70% more infectious and spreading faster, but there is no evidence, that it is more deadlier from the previous version, according to experts. The new version of virus is heavily concentrated in large part of South east England, London, Kent and some parts of Essex and Hertfordshire. WHO emergency officer confirmed the virus also has been detected in Denmark, Netherlands, Italy and Australia. These cases are believed to be come from UK to these countries. The Health Secretary of U.K Matt Hancock admitted the situation is worsening and new variant is “Out of Control”. Up to 60% percent of cases in London are believed to be caused by the new variant. The Secretary further said there is “nothing to suggest” and the effectiveness of new vaccine on new variant is unconfirmed. Stricter Tier four lockdown is imposed in London and South Eastern part of England by the British Government and Britons are advised to be “stay at home”. Schools and Non essential shops would be closed. It is a big blow to various businesses on festive season, at their busiest time of the year. Public gathering during five days Christmas celebration is banned on high concentrated areas and limited to one day in rest of England. The lockdown could be last long for couple of months. London’s metropolitan police said to media that it would take strong actions against those who make reckless decisions that risks lives.

The new variant VUI 202013/01 (as named by British scientists) was first found in September. It is rapidly replacing other version of the corona virus. Viruses are mutating all the time and it is quite normal. Deletion of H69/V70 and D614G affect the spike protein make it easy to infect human cells cause it easy and quick spreading, more contagious.

After England Italy also announced a national wide lock down and all non essential shops would be closed. Austria is facing its third lockdown. Netherlands and Germany also imposed lockdown till the next month. Many countries suspended their air services to United Kingdom. France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Bulgaria, South Irish Republic, Turkey, Canada, Hong Kong, Iran, Croatia, Argentina, Chile, Morocco are included in the list. At this alarming condition Israel held its citizens coming from UK into Air port and put them in 10 day quarantine. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman sealed its borders and banned its commercial flights for seven days. India also banned its flights to UK till December 31.

France suspended travel links with UK to curb the fast spreading virus, causing disruption in southern British port of Dover. Hundred of Lorries are stuck on borders hampering vegetables and fresh fruits transportation. During festive season demands of certain goods are high which is now facing shortage due to restrictions. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he is working with his French counterpart to resolve the trade issue “as soon as possible.”

Updated 22-Dec-2020
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