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How To Replace Sugar With Honey In Your Daily Diet

How To Replace Sugar With Honey In Your Daily Diet

Stven Martinez 707 18-Dec-2020

Everyone knows that nothing can beat the sweetness of the best manuka honey, not even sugar. In its purest form, honey is so sweet that it can cause irritation in your taste buds and even burn your throat if taken a spoonful. So honey has to be used very carefully especially when you are buying the Manuka honey which is absolutely raw. It can help in healing, build stronger immunity system and even help in weight loss and reversing the signs of aging. On the other hand, sugar can do more damage than good and even people who work-out strenuously want to avoid sugar.

Honey consumers may often get confused as to how they should replace sugar with honey in their daily diet. So if you are willing to do the same and cut off sugar, here’s how you can do that:

1. Coffee or Tea

Honey goes well with your caffeine related drinks. You just need to experiment once and understand how the sweetness blends with your coffee powder or tea leaves. Every strand of tea leaf or coffee has a different flavor and different adherence to sweetness. So first you need to boil the water with honey for a 5-10 minutes to get rid of the smell and then add your tea leaves or coffee.

2. Breakfast

They say that a person who skips the breakfast falls victim to majority of illnesses. Thus, you should have breakfast, whether light or heavy that hardly matters. But because most people prefer to wake up to a cereal based breakfast, it will become easier for them to consume honey. Milk goes well with honey when you boil the milk along with the best Manuka honey. But if you like the smell of honey, you can simply have a break cereal breakfast with milk, berries, nuts and a spoonful of honey.

3. Lemonades and Fruit Juices

Are you someone who loves to stay hydrated on fruit juices and lemonades? Then you can definitely try adding a little honey whenever you are having lemonades and fruit juices. Fruits have natural sugar but if you drink packaged fruit juices it could still contain traces of additional sugar. You should avoid them and invest your annual packaged fruit juice money on buying a juicer and some juicy fruits. To make it tastier you can always depend upon honey.

You can always make your salad taste sweeter by adding a little raw honey as dressing. These are one of the best ways to replace sugar with honey.

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