How Social learning network changes the way of education

How Social learning network changes the way of education

The availability and progress in technology have resulted in changes in the educator sector over the years. Nowadays, digital teaching and learning are on the rise as students and teachers are able to take advantage of technology. As correctly said by Matt Mullenweg (Social Media Entrepreneur), “Technology is better when it brings people together”.

Similarly, it has played a major role in the education sector especially during this pandemic where it has brought teachers and students together to collaborate and conduct their education feasibly via the internet, online learning platforms, etc.

There are many platforms that have emerged during this pandemic as education has fully shifted online. Many EdTech companies have come up with their own platforms enabling teachers and students to make the most of their learning and teaching. However, one such platform that has gained immense popularity is a social learning platform.

What is a Social Learning Platform?

A social learning platform is nothing but a dedicated network of teachers and students through which both of them can collaborate with each other and carry out their educational needs. It is similar to social networking sites like Linkedin or Facebook but only focused on education.

Now let us see how social learning network has changed the face of education

Enables Collaboration Regardless of Time & Location

We are well aware of the fact that a traditional form of education requires both teachers and students to be present physically to conduct and attend their classes. However, this is not needed when it comes to a social learning network. With the efficient use of technology, teachers and students can attend their classes anytime and anywhere they wish to.

As long as they possess an internet connection and a device (smartphone/laptops/tablets) they are good to go. Keeping in mind the time zones (if different), these networks allow teachers and students to sync their timing and conduct online classes without any hassle. Now one can conduct and take these classes from their home, coffee shop or any part of the world.

Get Exposed to Top Experts from Education Field

Finding an expert educator online is not a problem anymore. Students don’t need to hunt for educators in schools or colleges instead they can find one right away at their fingertips by searching them on social learning networks. These networks consist of top educators who are highly qualified and skilled in their respective domains.

So students can take this opportunity to use it for the betterment of their learning. For instance, if a student wants to take up an online class of an educator who lives in another country then they can do so by simply getting connected with them via these networks.

Interactive & Engaging Study Materials

Unlike an online learning platform, students can easily find various study materials on these networks. These study materials are quite useful and engaging as compared to the traditional form of learning. This is because students tend to learn at their own pace and get exposed to innovative study materials that generate their interest in learning.

This in turn has helped students to pay more attention and engage in their learning.

Connect with Toppers and Peers

Social learning networks has changed the way student communicate with their peers. With the presence of peers on these networks, students can easily get in touch with them and prepare for their exams. This is also feasible for students who are habitual with studying in a group.

On the other hand, students can also get connected with toppers from various educational backgrounds. This has helped them gain important tips and preparation strategies to crack their exams with ease.

Social Learning Network fits your Budget  

As compared to the traditional form of education, this network is very affordable. They fit every learner and educator’s needs by providing them all the functionalities that they need in their online classes at a low cost. The heavy amount of money that is required for buying books, paying tuition fees, campus fees, etc is not required here.

Teachers can also teach on these platforms unlike an online teaching platform and make the most from these networks.


we can definitely say that social learning networks have changed the way of education. With the ongoing educational trend and keeping its benefits in mind, both teachers and students are opting for these networks. This form of education will surely become more popular and will be adopted by the majority of the school, colleges and universities in the coming future.

Richa Ahuja

Richa Ahuja

Richa Ahuja is a passionate writer cum blogger and working in this field from past 5 years. She has been an integral part of various researches and surveys that showcase the educational front of the world.


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