6 E-mail Marketing Tips that's Gonna Blow Your Customers

6 E-mail Marketing Tips that's Gonna Blow Your Customers

The industry of retail and e-commerce is the one that can profit the most from email marketing. For this reason, it is undeniable that email marketing needs to respond to two of the sector's major challenges, which are digital transformation and increased engagement with consumers, according to the Second Analysis of Technical Developments in the Retail Sector.

The research, prepared by more than 700 experts attending the 2016 Retail Forum.

Email marketing is configured as the leading contact tool for digital retailers in order to achieve an efficient buying process focused on immediacy, accessibility, personalization and positive experiences, thanks primarily to greater audience segmentation and adaptation to new preferences and consumer needs.

1. The first thing: segmenting

It is very good to advertise a product with its features, advantages, information, etc., but it is much more so to analyze the profile of our customers or buyers.

It is a bewilderment and waste of time for the user to receive an email with the preview of an infinite range of products from a company, without prior screening, who is increasingly looking for more products suited to their needs based on the type of product, age, sex, size or location.

2. Always bet on 'responsive design'

If there is a gadget that is rising as an aid for online shopping by leaps and bounds, it is the mobile. There is endless typing everywhere you look and thousands of everyday transactions that remind us of the enormous growth of electronic commerce. "72% of consumers use their mobile to check their mail, according to the Blue Hornet study "Consumer of Email Marketing 2016.

3. Draw attention to your product

In an email, a CTA ('Call to Action', button or reward connection to draw prospective customers and turn them into sales opportunities) may take different forms and play different roles. Some offer a free download that leads to a web page, document or form of registration. Up until now, there were normally three kinds of 'Call to Action': videos, buttons and text links, to which we have to add the option to use the video as a product call to attention...

4. Cross-selling through email

Although the digital buyer's behavior can never be anticipated in the face of the ever-increasing supply of the Internet, what is obvious is that a more connected one can always occur in the face of a sale. As if it were a flea market, we like to rummage and rummage, but if this quest is granted to us and it is personalized, much better.

5. Create Buzz ... zzzzzz by viralizing your emails

What is 'buzz' going to mean? Its literal translation is buzz, and it is a viral marketing tactic aimed at turning your product or brand into a positive and unique experience at a certain point of touch.

Only let them talk about her! Who doesn't recall the "I Love Laura" video that announced MTV's arrival in our country? It was a complete success and this principle can be perfectly extended to an email marketing campaign, taking advantage of the effect on video platforms and social networks that video pieces have.

6. Choose a good headline for the topic

For a successful headline that draws attention to the results, good news hooks. This same formula is passed on to e-mails in which the subject line should not be wasted in order to prompt its opening action.

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