Basic Guide To Building A Digital Marketing Campaign

Basic Guide To Building A Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing campaigns are strategized and organized efforts to promote a certain goal, like capturing customer feedback and raising a new product’s awareness.

When compared to the traditional methods, a digital marketing campaign is more sustained and dynamic. It involves things beyond just placing ads of your business on social media channels and other online platforms. This is the reason why you may need the help of an online marketing company to build effective digital marketing campaigns for your business.

There are several ways to build your company’s digital marketing campaign, and these include the following:

Know Your Campaign Goals

Any successful marketing strategy starts with clear goals. Besides, it’s impossible to succeed if you don’t even know what success looks like.

There are many goals you can set for your digital marketing campaigns. For instance, do you want to improve your search engine ranking, or would you like to increase your conversions? The possibilities for digital marketing goals are limitless, but think carefully about the objectives of your business and prioritize your digital marketing goals that support your business plan.

For instance, it’s useless investing resources and time into increasing your social media reach on Facebook when most of your customers spend more time on Twitter. If possible, limit your goals to one or two for every campaign. Once you try to achieve a lot of outcomes at once, you won’t get your desired results from your digital marketing campaign.

Determine Your Target Audience

Another essential step to building a digital marketing campaign is to define your audience, which refers to the group of individuals who are interested in your company’s offerings. Target audience analysis enables you to determine the needs, preferences, and characteristics of such individuals, allowing you to plan effective marketing campaigns and create buyer personas.

Have A Campaign Budget

When it comes to digital marketing, the spending continues to rise yearly with social media profiles and websites becoming important for most businesses. So, it’s vital for you to allocate sufficient funds to reach your goals.

But, it’s critical to be realistic about your budget and take note that not all digital marketing campaigns are made equal. For example, PPC advertising requires thousands of dollars monthly if you want to target competitive keywords, whereas savvy social media campaigns can deliver good ROI at lower costs.

The good thing about digital marketing campaigns is that they’re more cost-effective, so your budget must go further once you plan carefully.

Create Quality Content For Your Campaign

Now that you know your goals, target audience, and budget, you can proceed in creating content for your campaign. Depending on your preferences, you can hire professionals to write content for you, or you can write your campaign content on your own.

Whatever you decide, always keep your target audience in mind when creating content to make your campaign more effective.

Pick The Right Medium

You need to promote your digital marketing campaigns on the right platforms if you want to get results. Never try achieving everything with a single campaign; rather, research about your competitors and use your buyer personas to determine the right media for your audience.

Whether it’s social media content, emails, or display ads, consider what your customers respond best to. You might not want to waste time making the perfect article content if the people are most likely to respond to video. You should also ensure that your content is highly personalized.

Choose The Best Channel

Basic Guide To Building A Digital Marketing Campaign

Once you know the type of content you need for your digital marketing campaign, the next thing that you should do is to choose the best possible channel suited for it.

When it comes to channels, there are several options you can choose from. One of these is social media websites. Depending on your target demographic and buyer personas, know which social media site your prospects often use. For example, if most of them use Facebook, create a campaign dedicated for it to reach your customers effectively. However, if the majority of your customers spend more time on your website, see to it that you incorporate your campaigns into your landing pages for better results.

Measure The Results

Running a digital marketing campaign is pointless if you don’t take time digging into how well it worked. PCA or post-campaign analysis enables you to assess what worked well, what could be worth repeating, and which campaigns didn’t work out the way you expected. This is crucial to determine your campaign’s return on investment, as well as help you plan your digital marketing activities in the future.

Measuring the results of your digital marketing campaigns can also help you understand your target market, audience, and industry trends better.

When measuring your campaign’s results, review the goals you set. Were all of them achieved in your desired time frame? It’s helpful to get an overview before you drill down into the results at a granular level. Review every medium and network used. Did your conversions increase after releasing your campaigns? And if so, can this help you boost your other marketing efforts?

You can check the data from Google Analytics and review the metrics, such as new and returning visitors, overall website traffic, and traffic by source, among others. Did the traffic increase? Did your bounce rates also double? Compare the two because a low conversion rate and high bounce rate means that your prospects weren’t finding the kind of content they’re expecting and some of them didn’t spend time to find what they want.

In addition, if you targeted both Facebook and Twitter, but most of your social media traffic come from Twitter, you may dive deep into the metrics of Facebook to know why it’s the case. During this step, it’s wise to spend lots of time gathering the most important and valuable information that can make a difference for your next digital marketing campaign.


Building digital marketing campaigns is, no doubt, challenging, especially when you’re just getting started in the industry. But, with the above guide, you’ll be able to know the basics of creating the best digital marketing campaign perfect for your business needs and goals, while enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.

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