How Maketer Promote Different Entities

How Maketer Promote Different Entities

Most of the time people are asking what is the job of a marketer what they do then today I came up with a blog where we would talk about what a marketer. The marketer market 10 type of entities .i.e good, services, events services, events, experience, persons, places, properties, organization, information, and ideas .lets us talk about all the job one by one :

Good: the physical goods that are produced on a large scale .each year different countries market billions of canned, bagged and frozen food products and millions of cars, refrigerators, television, machine .and other stuff of modern economy. 

Services :

Services are emerging services include the work of airlines, hotels, cars rental firms, barbers and beautician maintenance and repair people and accounts, bankers , lawyers, engineer doctor, software programmer and management consultant .many market offering mixed goods and services such as a fast-food meal. 


The marketer also helps to promote time-bounded events. We can take examples of major trade shows, artistic performances, and company anniversaries. They also promote sports at the global level like the Olympics, world cup .local events like craft fairs, bookstores, reading, and farmers market. 


There are many places which take money for the experiences that they gave for example bungee jumping, a fairy kingdom, pirate ship or haunted ship or haunted house and climb up mountain Everest. Marketers market these types of entities.


There are various who have done great work in their field and have made themselves a personal brand. We can take the example of Virat Kohli who is a known face in cricket .he gets lots of sponsorship from the brand because. He is known and appreciated by billions of people. These people are marketed by marketers.

Places: Cities, states, districts have some special due to which they are popular and the main concern is to attract tourists. Places marketers include economic development specialists, real estate agents, commercial banks, local business associations, and advertisement and public relations agencies.

Properties: Properties are intangible rights of ownership to either real property (real estate )or financial property (stock and bonds ).these types of property are bought and sold and this process requires marketing.

Organization: There are two types of the organization first one is profit and another one nonprofit organization. The one that is making a profit is called a profit-making organization and other that nonprofit organization like NGO.MUSEUMS performance arts organizations, corporations, and nonprofits all use marketing to boost their public images and compete for audiences and funds.

Some of the organization appointed CMO (chief marketing officer ) which work to promote an organization.


Information is essential for humankind where we are taught from books and universities to produce markets and distribute at a certain price to parents, students, and communities.

Ideas: Every market offering includes a basic idea. Product and services are platforms for delivering some idea or benefit.

So these are some entities which marketer market and promote by using a different kind of strategy.

Anshu Dwivedi

Anshu Dwivedi

hello everyone I am Anshu Dwivedi completed my graduation from Allahabad University .I have knowledge of marketing and give services as a content writer


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