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How Mobile App Developers are Working From Home?

How Mobile App Developers are Working From Home?

Andrea Laura 712 08-Dec-2020

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This is the end-2020s, working remotely is no longer the future of work. It’s a present situation many of us are facing right now.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, working from home (WFH) has become the new normal. If you’re working as a Mobile App Developer, you must be striving to find ways to stay productive and motivated during this crisis?  

Here are the top 5 productivity tips that should be in any developer’s toolbelt, to help you handle the shift to remote work and grow at these tough times!

5 Actionable Tips For Mobile App Developers Working From Home

Here are some handy tips to motivate you like work from home developers in the mobile app development industry — including managing distractions, tracking time, and stay hydrated!

1. Set WFH Dress Code

It's very easy to get trapped in the work-from-bed eddies when you first wake up, reach for your phone and start shooting off emails.

When we are at home, we all are relaxed, feel good about ourselves in pajamas. But certainly, it affects your productivity levels. During a daily work routine, Mobile App Developers have to go through a lot of pressure, meeting deadlines, meetings, and everything.

Wearing pajamas and lounge wears enhances the sense of lethargy and encourages you to take a nap, that somewhere leads to distraction.

What you wear can change your attitude towards how you work. We are not saying, that you have to dress with broch. But wear comfortable clothes that give you a feeling of stay focused at work and fills your mind with positivity.

Take a shower. do your hair, wear good clothes, have your meal and get ready to work!

2. Dealing with Distractions

Every person shares a different work environment. Some like pin-drop silence, where some are EDM lovers. While working beside the desk, you face have different distractions.

You need to look at - It is you, working from home, not your family. This is the most common distraction experienced by mobile app developers or any other person working from their homes. From researching how to develop an app from scratch to attending meetings over zoom, developers need their space.

Usually, you’ve to manage the level of background noise, but you need silence especially when you’re trying to find a bug, attending meetings with clients, understand complicated technical concepts, or perform any other task that involves intense speculation.

  • Create a home office etiquette in the family.
  • Use Noise Cancellation headphones.
  • Noise Masking with soothing sounds.
  • Do notification detox.
  • Use Text Mode which removes any visuals on a page.

3. Make a Plan for the Day

When you’re working from home, you’re a task manager of your own life. To stay on top of your schedule, break your tasks into segments based on priority. Make a list of items you can focus on. Plan your day with an online calendar to create personal events and task reminders. Here are some ideas to tackle the same stale to-dos every day, let’s see how to change that.

  • Keep a Single To-Do List For Work.
  • Reduce meetings to increase productivity.
  • Try leaving one medium and two small tasks blank with the 1-3-5 Rule.
  • Finish 1 significant task before lunch.

4. Take Frequent Breaks, Breathe out!

Humans just can't concentrate for eight hours in a row; most employees only get two hours and 53 minutes of productive time in an eight-hour day, after all[*].

Work from home can be monotonous if you don’t take short breaks. It’s crucial to “switching off” from work mode to let your brain and body refresh your mind and body.

Rather than browsing your favorite YouTube channels, or scrolling Instagram feed, go to your garden, open your window, have refreshments, and feel good about yourself.

Play Soccer and don't forget to stay hydrated.

5. Ergonomics

Remember, your home was not built keeping your job in mind. It is no-one who is coming to check your desk, but you. As a mobile app developer, you dedicate more than 9 hours of your day to your work station.

Creating a perfect home office space isn’t daunting but depends on how much you are organized in your daily life. Instead of feeling distant from your co-workers, you can organize your workspace with the comfort of working from home.

  • Keep everything within arm’s reach and organize your files, so you won’t spend much time finding what you search for.
  • Create a separate workstation for yourself.
  • Make your workspace comfy with a chair you can sit in for 9+ hours.
  • Maintain hygiene, put some fresh flowers or anything that keeps you motivated and fresh.
  • Shift the place you work from once, you can make it to some bare bedroom, garage space, closet, or why not your balcony.
  • Don’t share the same room where your kids and family are.

Communicate - Communicate - Communicate

If you're new to working remotely, these tips can help you to stay productive and focused. With the rise of the mobile era and the demand for talented app developers also increase, more companies have started hiring app developers remotely.

Just a few short times ago, working from home might have looked a hard nut for mobile app development companies. As of now, remote work is on the rise.

Working from home can be fantastic if you set some clear barriers, stay connected, stay hydrated, stay fruitful.

Happy reading!

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