Automation in Field Workforce Management: Five Key Benefits

Automation in Field Workforce Management: Five Key Benefits

Like other industries, even the telecommunication service sector is becoming increasingly dependent on automation for implementing various field operations, especially for managing the field workforce so that proper collaboration and transparency can be maintained among field workers, office staff, and customers.

Automation empowered field workforce management can lead to increased efficiency of the field workforce, which further influences the overall business efficiency. In this regard, telecom software is a cost-effective and technologically empowering tool that can automate the majority of field operations related to workforce management. Listed below are the key benefits that a telecommunication company can get by using a telecom app or software for its field workforce management.

Benefits of Automation in Field Workforce Management
Stay customer-focused: Customer focussed operational methodologies helps with the quick turnaround, faster service delivery, and transparent communication, etc. Telecom Software can seamlessly capture the customers' service requests and upload them into a centralized database. This data can be automatically integrated with the location of the field workforce, and accordingly, the request (task) gets allocated to the nearest available field agent. Thus, no time got wasted in making to and fro phone calls checking a field agent's availability and feasibility to travel to the job site. The automated, and quick way of task allocation facilitated by the software is a major step towards customer satisfaction.

Better Business Insights: The telecom app is conducive to collecting the field data at different touchpoints and store it in a centralized cloud-based database. Thereby, all types of data such as customers' service requests, inventory details, sales reports, employees' timesheets, invoices, etc., get stored in one common database. are available for on-the-go access.

Also, the software has inbuilt smart analytics that applies algorithms and delivers better business insights. For instance, it can double up as a telecom expense management software and can help with budget estimates and cost analysis to recognize the areas that need more budgets as well as to identify the areas where cost-cutting is possible.
Workforce Efficiency: For improving the work efficiency of the workforce, the software supports features like:
1. Well filtered and automated work allocation that saves the manager's time and efforts.
2. Keep the field workers updated with real-time information through automated updates/reminders/alerts
3. Field workers can remotely mark their attendance from the job site along with location validation using the geo-fencing facility of the telecom software
4. The Field workforce gets real-time access to enterprise data
Field workers can fill their timesheets on a real-time basis and can easily overcome the accuracy gap resulted from the recall-and-file practice

Transparent communication: The software is also effective as a collaboration tool that facilitates transparent communication among the stakeholders; every communication gets recorded as data and can be later on cross-referred if needed.

Cost-effective: Telecom software is a cost-effective solution as it cuts down the need and the cost that goes into developing or maintaining the subscription of multiple applications. One application successfully manages multiple field operations such as task scheduling & management, reporting, data analytics, customer communication, and performance monitoring.

For any service industry, effective field workforce management is a necessity to meet up the dynamic customer trends influenced by emerging technologies. A telecom business can loop into this advancing technology by bringing in automation in their services with the aid of telecom software.

Bhupendra Choudhary

Bhupendra Choudhary

Bhupendra Choudhary is Business Head of FieldCircle - a leading field service management software company. His excellence in offering field service scheduling software solutions has helped prominently in providing operational success to a number of companies in varied domains. As a product thinker, he collaborates with industry leaders to understand business challenges and facilitate technology solutions for the same.


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