How Virtual Reality Can Enhance Education and Learning

How Virtual Reality Can Enhance Education and Learning

Education has been the source of our inspiration right from the ancient civilization. First man created fire and that education later transformed our lives by sending man made rockets into other planets. Right from our fore fathers we have always looked for enhancing our education. Now this education needs to be transformed as our growing minds needs constant change. We need take sure our futures are in with a chance to bring in more innovations that can inspire millions more.
We are well aware of the fact that technology has changed our lives completely. Technology has made everything simpler as it is the go to word in our present day lives a for now. This technology is transforming from day to day. Thus we need to keep up with the growing trend. This growing innovative trend can only be matched if we change or transform our education or the process of learning too.
The latest trend in technological growth has been brought about by the use of VR or Virtual Reality. It is an amazing way of learning which has taken learning to a whole new dimension. It is said to be an expensive process but the chances of the future of implementing such systems is supreme. VR will eventually accommodate a higher learning and will be amazing in transforming education. Lets us see some of the ways VR can transform our education, teaching and learning.

1.    Virtual Field Trips: One of the most important potential of VR has been to enhance education through making impossible things happen. Excursions are common in schools and colleges and these educational trips helps in better understanding of the subject from the students. But these trips has its limitations too as some trips cannot be taken to a foreign country because of the expenses that are involved. Sometimes the place is remote that the student is unavailable to access to the place thereby losing out in valuable knowledge. Now VR with its technological advancements can make you access any place anywhere on earth just sitting at your homes thereby cutting travel cost and the risk of not accessing the place. Thus transforming education in a big way.

2. Language Immersion –
We are people belonging to different caste, creed and most important language. Sometimes these language barriers make it difficult to communicate especially in education thereby leading to cultural shock and then isolation of concerned student even teachers. This language barrier can be solved by learning new languages or languages concerned with the work that you are involved in. But to do this you will have to travel to new country and learn the aspects f the language. Sometimes it is not bearable by the concerned person to travel to a foreign country and learn the trades of the new language and it is even more difficult for students. Now with the VR in the fray, language learning has become easier. Language immersion technique has enabled students to learn varied languages that can enable them to break the language barriers. Virtual immersion can trick our brain into thinking that what we are doing is real thus enabling faster learning process than normal education. Thus, enabling faster growth in our learning process and transforming education as a whole.

3. Skills Enhancing: Virtual reality has the potential to enhance the skills training process thereby removing any hazards that are involved in the normal skill training process. In normal skills training process, the people are involved into adverse conditions without prior work environment experience, thus increasing the risk of health hazards. This can be also told in respect of students. The experience in science labs can also turn bitter with experiments going wrong and thereby increasing the risk of hazards. With VR we can be rest assured that we all especially the students will be free from any health hazards. The virtual environment can altogether enhance their skills thereby reducing the risk of failures in experiments during live experiments. VR can eradicate the fear of failure from every aspiring student’s minds thereby enabling their minds to transform our future into a much more technologically driven arena.

4. Architectural Design: Students belonging to the architecture background always face problem in designing the perfect architecture. VR can enable them to design perfectly without facing failures thus enabling better futuristic designs from our students.

We have already seen, how technology changed the education way we learn now VR has the potential to take it to a whole new level and transform our education. So, let us take big steps toward gaining more technological advancements.

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