How To Do Marketing Research

How To Do Marketing Research

Various Ways To Do Research 

The one reason why we fail to produce good content and attract traffic to our website is a lack of planning and research. If we don’t know how

1:Who is our client :

2:What is his demographic

3:What is his qualification

4: Who has Buying Decision

5: Difference Between Customer And Consumer

Then getting results according to our wish is impossible. There are many ways where you can do research and acquire detail according to your need .

Some free tool is

  • Google Adword
  • Google trend
  • Quora

There are free but valuable tools for research.

Google Trend

It is a very effective tool that is used for the research process.You can examine which part of the country has the potential where demand is high. You can also compare two category .

Google Trend Provide You Many things like it has a search section where you can type a keyword, contain compare section where you can compare other categories. Then it provides a country option where you choose your country.

You can choose different options to get from your need. It has all category regions where you choose your category. It gives you one section where you can choose an interest by region. So google trend is the best free tool where you can start your research while writing a blog or making any business plan. 

Google Adword

It is a google platform where you can create and run ad, it has keyword planner section where you type the keyword and google give you other phrases related people are searching in that . Here you are given keyword volume or average monthly search and difficulty of the keyword (competition).it gives top page bid, ad impression share.


Quora is an American question-and-answer website where you can get ideas related to your niche that people are asking and discussing.

Where questions are asked, answered, followed, and edited by Internet users, either factually in the form of people's opinion.

Here you can get different ideas that people are asking and sharing with others. It gives an opportunity to create an account and ask questions.

These three platforms are free and easy to use. Never ever make decisions based on assumption, always trust facts and figures and these platforms help you clear your doubt and give you some ideas so you can start your journey from here. 

Anshu Dwivedi

Anshu Dwivedi

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