What are the advantage of a custom Wordpress Theme Development?

What are the advantage of a custom Wordpress Theme Development?

While millions of free and premium themes already exist on WordPress, why develop a new theme for your site?

The main advantage of a custom WordPress theme is to offer a fully personalized website to its owner. Eh yes! Since made to meet its own needs as well as those of its users.

Filling in the flaws of free and premium WordPress themes

Despite their many qualities and features, templates free or premium of WordPress are often for non-technical users to this content management system, complex interfaces to use.

Overwhelmed with information faced with the multiple possible settings, and this in the English language that they do not all master, the owners of a website hosted by the platform can quickly feel helpless.

In addition, the many extensions that are automatically added to the base theme as you go not only modify the editor itself but also cause a heavy load time of the pages of the site and sometimes even ruin the SEO strategy. of the website owner. These flaws, which are surmountable through the design of a tailor-made theme, seriously damage the traffic on a website. And this has repercussions on the business itself.

The benefits of developing a custom WordPress theme

Starting from the drawbacks of free and premium models, tailor-made WordPress offers the following advantages:

Coding that meets the needs of the user, without overloading: Customized by a competent web developer, writing a custom WordPress theme meets the needs of the user. The HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files are in particular optimally coded in order to obtain a fast loading of each page of the website, but also in order to consume the least possible resources with the computer of each visitor.

A WordPress theme with a very good level of accessibility: Always thanks to simple coding and adapted to the needs of the users, a custom WordPress template allows to obtain an easy to use website, as well as a quick final website. charger, which then meets accessibility standards on both computers and mobiles.

Because tailor-made is easy and attractive

Adapted graphics: On WordPress, the theme is responsible for the final architecture of a website. A custom-created theme then provides a quality user interface. And much more personalized fields than with the pre-designed themes. This helps the owner to use his website according to his own needs.

A unique web-design: In order to stand out from the competition, or to make your website a unique place on the web, nothing better than to develop a custom WordPress theme. The most attractive premium themes on WordPress are, in fact, often taken by storm, which generates a host of uniform sites without any particular charm that does not impress visitors much. A tailor-made theme makes it possible to have its main element of communication which is the website in the image of its identity, but also to create a real user experience!

Create a custom WordPress theme is an investment with a strong positive impact that requires a certain budget and time in order to receive the services of an experienced web developer/web designer.

For a custom WordPress template creation project, head to a web development agency or a professional developer and web designer.

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