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What are the Advantages of Using AWS?

What are the Advantages of Using AWS?

Archer Charles 858 30-Nov-2020

People often ask why they should consider using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for building their business infrastructure. There are more than 1,00,000 users from 190 countries in the entire world who make use of AWS. In 2018, AWS generated $26 billion in revenue for its parent company Amazon. Organizations don’t need to do the ground-work like building a server arrangement to keep the company’s data as the cloud technology will work on it within a few minutes.

About Amazon Web Services (AWS)

In 2004, Amazon Web Services (AWS) began to provide IT framework administrations to the public. AWS cloud computing offered an easy and versatile framework. There are plenty of world-class organizations that are using AWS to manage the infrastructure of the businesses. AWS allows the users to build sophisticated and scalable applications that offer various features like content delivery management system, computing, payment services, development and management tools, app services, and much more.

AWS security certification is pretty much trending in the market due to the increased usage of AWS in various industries. Companies look forward to hiring professionals who have taken up AWS security certification training to validate a person’s skills and eligibility for any position in the company. The examination of AWS security certification is very tough as it is a specialization exam in this field.

How AWS became the best in Cloud Computing?

Amazon has the ability to provide fast, cheap, and secure services to its customers. AWS works with the same pattern and provides economical, fast, and cheaper cloud computing solutions that are better as compared to the other cloud computing solution providers.

The main three features provided by AWS services are:

  • AWS is pretty much economical and efficient for organizational use.
  • AWS is scalable and its services vary as per the requirements of the business, whether it is a startup or a large enterprise.
  • AWS is highly secure and they have tried to keep all of their data centers as hidden as possible.

People are taking up the AWS security course to build their career in the IT industry and get high salary package jobs. The AWS security certification cost is Rs. 22,800, but in the end, there are great packages waiting for all the candidates.

Advantages of using AWS

There are plenty of cloud service providers in the market, but AWS is still leading in the market due to various benefits that are discussed below.

  • Cost-Effective

No matter whether you are a startup or a huge organization, AWS offers economical and efficient services. The cloud services offered by AWS are pretty much affordable as compared to the other on-premises services cost.

The expense of running your applications in co-location or on-premises is too high. The most significant benefit of AWS is its cost-effectiveness.

  • Security

AWS is a high-quality brand name and in order to maintain its value, they work very hard towards safeguarding your business information. AWS sticks to certain security laws in order to avoid any kind of risks of being hacked. They appoint professionals who have successfully completed AWS security certification to validate their knowledge and skill level.

Several organizations like Dow Jones, HealthCare.Gov, and NASDAQ make use of AWS services and this portrays how trusted and secure the cloud services of AWS are. AWS has been successful in developing a top-notch secure framework, both virtually and physically.

  • Enhanced Productivity

When you have AWS backing your cloud computing services, there is no need to worry about any dangers coming up related to the IT framework. It will also lessen the requirement of IT support staff in the organization. This will reflect the productivity of the organization as the employees can focus on other tasks and it will save time as well as money in the long haul.

  • Adaptable

Whether you are new to the cloud platform or moving from one cloud service platform to the other, there is no need to worry as AWS possesses all the necessary features to enhance your IT framework. You need not make any wild guess while investing in the requirements of your framework. With the help of the auto-scaling option of AWS, you can adjust your framework depending upon the assets/traffic that is used.

  • Innovation

Many experts believe that it is not only because of the commitment of AWS, but it is also because of the innovation that enables it to boast and have so many leading brands among the list of its clients.

These are some of the advantages of AWS that are attracting more and more organizations to run their applications on the AWS cloud platform for quicker, cheaper, faster, and safer working. The job opportunities are pretty high for people who have completed AWS security certification training and this is the reason why people are working hard to pass its examination.

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