How Can Kitting Services Help You Save Money?

How Can Kitting Services Help You Save Money?

Kitting is a process by which the fulfillment kitting services center ships packages on getting an order. On receiving an order, the fulfillment center assembles individual items into “kits.”

Kitting and fulfillment services mean that the center packs the order for shipping. When it comes to the manufacturing process, the terms assembly and kitting work interchangeably. This means that the term kit means to group all the raw materials needed to finish a product. In other words, it can be termed as a grouping of more than one finished product into a larger group.

Online sellers always look for ways to reduce their costs in any process they can. A significant process where the sellers can save up money is order fulfillment. It not only is cost-efficient but also speeds up the processes.

When Should Kitting Services be Used?

Kitting and fulfillment services should be preferably used when you have orders that need to be grouped. Kits are usually considered a single unit. For example, when it has three items in a box, the kit is considered one and not three kits.

Kitting applies to a wide range of products. Look at these examples for kitting products:

  • Series of books
  • Samples for a product  
  • Packets used for promotional purposes 
  • Computer or video game packages
  • Media related kits
  • Most commonly purchased bundles with sale deals or discount tags. A few examples are “two for one” or “two for the price of three” deals.

How Can Kitting Services Help You Save Money?

With these, let us look at how the kitting services will help you save money.

Faster Assembly of the Orders

If you want bulk kitting, then place the order several times. Thus, it is better to go for single operations that save time.

With that said, giving the task to a fulfillment kitting services center will help you save money. As a result, each kit will be considered one consignment. Thus, you will not have to kit them individually.

Reduced Shipping Mistakes

The customers may complain that they did not receive the same order that they placed. Contrarily, there may be some other problems related to misplaced orders.

Items packed and shipped in kits cause fewer errors. The center can pre-stick all the labels needed for shipping. It includes the weight of the consignment. Thus, the delivering agent does not have to do the labeling again.

Better Packaging Services

You can save your costs on postal services as kitting always leads to postal savings. That is to say, it is more efficient and cost-effective packaging.

For example, you can come up with a custom-made box for popular kits. So, you do not need standard box packing for individual items. As a result, it can help to reduce the size and weight of the packages. Eventually, it saves you money.


With kitting, you get more than one option for your business. However, this is possible only for the assembly of light items into defined units. To be precise, it is more like individual item packing. But this will not be the case all the time.

With Spectra, you can avail the benefits of kitting. They will help. Depending on the products you want to sell, they can help you with a range of options. Spectra will consider the advantages and offer you the best services to save money through kitting services.

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