Why Gas and Oil Companies Need Outside Consultants

Why Gas and Oil Companies Need Outside Consultants

All gas and oil companies have several administrative tracks to keep track of. However, while some larger companies have the workforce to do so in-house, many smaller ones find themselves struggling to keep up. If you find that administrative tasks are taking up too much of your company’s time and resources, you may benefit from oil and gas advisory services and consulting.

Some companies are reluctant to hire outside consultants, thinking that doing so will limit their control over their tasks. However, consultants work with your company to find the best solutions to save you time and money. If you’re interested in hiring a consultant, administrative and IT tasks are the best in-house departments to start with.

What is an Outside Consultant?

An outside consultant is someone or an agency that isn’t employed in-house. Most gas and oil companies opt to hire an agency rather than an individual to ensure they’re getting the broadest range of expertise possible. These firms consist of industry experts who can pick up the slack in areas your in-house team doesn’t specialize in or doesn’t have the time to do.

For gas and oil, the most common outsourced tasks are administrative and IT. That’s because these are tasks that require constant attention, retraining as technology changes, and less expertise in oil and gas. Nonetheless, most consultants will have expertise in the oil and gas field, which helps them understand your company’s needs.

How Can They Help Your Business?

One of the most common questions companies ask when deciding whether or not outsource any tasks is how doing so will affect their business. Many business owners are afraid that outsourcing will cause fear among the staff over if their jobs will be outsourced next, believing they can’t compete with other firms’ cheaper labor or expertise.  

The best way to overcome this fear is to better understand how outsourcing helps you and your employees. Many companies don’t lose jobs to outsourcing. Rather, outsourcing is instead used to free up current employees to do tasks that they have more expertise in. Thus, outsourcing helps eliminate functions that your employees often don’t want to do or don’t have the training to do.

As such, talk to your staff about what tasks they currently do that take too much of their time or falls out of their intended job description. Doing so can help you get a better idea of what can be streamlined through a consultant or outsourcing. Ask your staff what they would want from an administrative or IT consultant, and use that information to find the best consultant fit for your company.

Administrative Tasks

Administrative tasks are some of the first responsibilities that gas and oil companies handoff to consultants. Most businesses find that their employees feel bogged down in paperwork, production reports, governmental rules and regulations, and other tasks that don’t require their expertise. An administrative consultant can help you with the following advisory roles:

  • Project Due Diligence- Project due diligence is a crucial way gas and oil companies avoid unnecessary risks. This risk management process uses big data and past performances to forecast how productive your wells or potential new ones might be. It also helps eliminate the risk of injury to your staff or the environment.
  • Program Management Office (PMO)- PMO is an organizational process that promotes project management, team culture, and improving an organization’s performance.
  • Contract Review and Negotiations- Ensure that your contracts are filed correctly and negotiated in your favor by hiring an expert to do the work for you.

IT Tasks

If your company is too small to have its own IT team, consider outsourcing one to fulfill the following services:

  • IT Budgeting and Roadmaps- Hire experts to determine what your IT budget should look like and how to accomplish your cybersecurity goals.
  • Digital Transformation Approach and Strategy- A dedicated outsourced IT team can offer you the latest information on what you need to know to update your technology and keep your data safe.
  • Software Evaluation and Implementation Planning- Cyber threats are always changing, and so is cybersecurity. Protect your business by having experts keep your software up to date.

Consultants and Your Business 

Hiring consultants can save your staff precious time and resources. IT and administrative experts can streamline your operations and give your team more time to do the tasks they were hired to do without the burden of extra tasks. Consider hiring an outside consultant to help you determine how best to start outsourcing your team’s unwanted tasks.

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