As the world evolves with time, everything from lifestyle to art undergoes significant changes. The evolution into a new era has impacted different sectors in the world, especially the music industry. Since the early 1900s, there has been considerable development in the R&B genre, known as the "rhythm and blues." Initially tailored towards the African-American audience, throughout decades, R&B has undergone a massive transformation in terms of style as well as vocals. The overall sound of R&B is now loved by the audience from all backgrounds.

With the rise of R&B in the music world, many artists have taken up this genre. The music industry has welcomed esteemed R&B music artists such as Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Drake, and Rihanna, who have taken the music world by storm. They have raised the standard of Music, increasing the audience's expectations. As a result, only a few R&B music artists are able to win the hearts of the listeners.

Among a handful of artists from the lot, William Fitchett Means, professionally known as Fitch Means, is acquiring a top spot in the music world. Born on February 15, 1998, in Philadelphia, Fitch is a rising R&B artist, songwriter, brand ambassador, and entrepreneur. As a passionate individual, he has always admired Music, and it was something that was extremely close to his heart.


Born in the house of Isaac Means and Charna Patrice Fitchett Means, this passionate individual grew up in a loving and supportive family. He started playing drums when he was just six years old, which ignited his passion for Music. Fitch's parents noticed his passion at the right time and decided to help their son. At every step of the way, his parents pushed him to achieve his goals.

In order to groom his singing skills, Fitch became a part of the gospel choir school, a place that helped him grow as a singer. After finishing school, he got into Lock Haven University. During his university life, he performed at the Choir and Small Ensemble. As a result of his breathtaking performances, Fitch was offered several solos, a valuable result of his sheer dedication. During this time period, Fitch worked on his Music to sharpen his skills in range, technique, writing, and arranging. With the improvement in his musical talent, he landed several gigs and events, paving the way for him to pursue his passion.

His destination, however, was clear. In 2018, Fitch released his debut single, 'Secrets.' His melodious voice and an original track were widely acclaimed in the music world, making a strong impression in the industry.

Fitch co-founded his label known as the "Black Point LLC" with a successful entrance into the music world. Under his own label, he released his first EP, "2 am Drive, "which blew the audience away. The 4-track EP was a result of his own feelings that he underwent right after his breakup. The lyrics' genuineness spoke deeply to the audience, helping the talented artist build a global fan base.

With the release of his first music album, Fitch received global acknowledgment and appreciation. The EP's success landed him an opportunity to perform at the well-known "Odunde Festival," an African American Street Festival in the US. With his appearance on such a popular platform, Fitch attained fame while creating an even bigger fan base, not just in the US but all over the world.


A person's inner drive to reach his destination determines his chances to be successful. Fitch belongs to such individuals who won the audience's heart with not just his Music but his determined work ethic. With the release of his several other breathtaking tracks, including 'Drip Sauce' and 'Millions' featuring King BreZe, he was widely recognized by music lovers. His lo-fi tunes and the mellifluous sound make his Music stand out among the rest of the R&B music artists in America.

When asked about how he found his way to Music, Fitch said: "Music found its way to me. Ever since I was young, I've always had a special connection to Music, whether it was an instrument or my vocals. Music just takes me away, virtually anywhere I want to go."

With a perfect musical vision, passionate lyrics, and harmonious beats, Fitch is all set to make his mark in the American music industry. His music videos are one of his musical career's strongest traits, which is admired by his audience. His music video of "Pretend" is a cinematic treat that resonates with the audience, creating an ambiance.

Winning Maze Radio's esteemed 'Artist of the Week' is the first of the many awards the talented artist is yet to receive. Fitch has blessed the American music industry with songs that are not just well-celebrated but are a combination of the traditional R&B with a modern touch. With his devotion to Music, Fitch is all set to become a prominent name in the American music industry.

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