4 Ways A New Driver Can Lower Car Insurance.

4 Ways A New Driver Can Lower Car Insurance.

Car insurance! Why does it have to be expensive?

Car insurance

There are many ways to lower your car insurance premium.

The much talked about the method is shopping around and using price comparison sites such as Confused.com and Comparethemarket.com.

But what if I could tell you there is even more that you can do as a new driver to lower your car insurance.

In this article, I am going to share 4 effective methods to lower your insurance.

1. Pass Plus Training:

This is when a newly qualified driver goes through further driving lessons within the first year of passing their driving test.

Evidence shows that drivers are at a significant risk of an accident within their first year of passing their driving test.

Insurers and driving schools have teamed up to offer this course, which allows drivers who have gone through this course to have their premiums lowered.

Direct.gov has a list of providers.

Most insurers recognize this training and offer discounts to such drivers.

2. Advanced Driving Test

This course allows for more responsible or responsive driving to avoid and anticipate dangerous or hazardous situations and avoid them.

Drivers who go through this course are better drivers and less likely to be involved in accidents.

Most of the top insurers offer discounts for such drivers.

Make yourself a better driver by enrolling for such courses and lower your car insurance premium.

3. Consider Paying Your Car Insurance Per Year Instead Of Paying Monthly

Paying your all your car insurance in a lump sum instead of setting up a direct debit will help you to avoid paying monthly interest charges, which could save you money.

4. Drive A Cheaper Car To Insure

Car insurance of any car can be higher or lower based on the make, model and year of production.

When you are a young driver you would want to start with a car that has lower insurance and you need to know which cars have lower insurance.

You wouldn’t want to start driving a Range Rover Sport SUV in the hope of lowering your insurance as a new driver would you?

Here is a list of cheaper cars to insure.

These cars are a good start for new drivers.

As a new driver, the first days after passing your driving test can be a bit frightening when it comes down to driving on your own.

To help you avoid accidents you can display on your car so that other drivers will be aware that you are a new driver.

The other drivers will drive consciously when around you and will leave more space and time for you.

It's also a great idea as a new driver to get as this will definitely help you should any accident happen.

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