Do's and Don'ts of Your Business' Social Media Platforms

Do's and Don'ts of Your Business' Social Media Platforms

Businesses use social media as a way to communicate with their audience and advertise their products and services. They post different kinds of content such as video, images and texts to engage their audience. In this extensive article, we have outlined some dos and don'ts of what to post on your business' social media platforms as well as the impact they may have. Keep reading!

Do: Share Thoughtfully

Before you share a post on your business' social media platforms, always consider if it has value and fit the network's mission. Remember that whatever you post will be a representation of your business, so think it through. If you want to promote your business social media platforms or website, you can work with a link building and backlinking agency like Click Intelligence. Here are the benefits of promoting your website:

  • Develops brand identity
  • Increased traffic
  • Improves communication with your customers
  • Increase in sales

Do: Avoid Poor Grammar and Spelling

According to BusinessNewsDaily, poor grammar and spelling can negatively affect a business. When you create content to post on your social media, ensure that you proofread them. You can use spell check tools like Grammarly or even hire a professional writer/proofreader. Content with poor grammar and spelling will make your audience see you as not being serious so you should avoid them. Here are ways bad grammar can affect your business:

  1. It lowers your credibility
  2. Scares prospects away
  3. Misleads prospects
  4. Affects search rankings
  5. Distract readers

Don't: Be a Spammer and Share Without Researching First

While it may seem interesting to post content every minute on your company's social media platforms, you should avoid doing so. Your business social media platforms are different from personal social media platforms. So, you have to be careful not to spam your readers. It is best to have a content plan and schedule that will determine when you need to post, and in some cases, what to post.

According to Social Media Today, you must do your research before you share anything on your social media platforms. If you see any informative post and you think your target audience will find it useful, ensure that you confirm how true it is before hitting the share or retweet button. Do not forget to give credit when credit is due.

Should I copy and paste the same content on all my business social media platforms?

No. You should always avoid posting the same thing across your business social media platforms. Instead, you should create a new post for different social media platforms. Cross-posting may feel repetitive to your audience that follows all your social media platforms, and this can be bad for your brand.

Can I copy content from other websites and use them on my business social media platforms?

It's advisable to create unique content on your social media platforms. However, if you see any content that you want to use on your social media, you should first confirm how true and reliable it is. You should also make sure you give credit to the original author.

What social media networks should I use for my business?

There are several social media networks in the internet space such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and so on. When deciding which ones to use, consider your target audience and type of business you run. Then choose the best ones that fit.

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