5 Marketing Tasks To Never Outsource

5 Marketing Tasks To Never Outsource

Outsourcing daily tasks can be beneficial, but it can also hurt your company’s credibility. Companies like Scanteam deepen your knowledge of which crucial techniques and strategies to outsource and those you shouldn’t.

Marketing expert, Alex Lysak, says that, while you should outsource your marketing, there are some aspects you’re better off doing yourself. We take a closer look at some of these tasks below. 

Market Research

No one knows your business product or service better than you do; this includes your target market. When it comes to doing some market research before launching a full-on advertising campaign, you’re the best person for the job.

By personally tracking and analyzing your marketing data, you can always stay current on any possible changes to essential details. Failure to follow this step could negatively impact your overall business goals.

While you shouldn’t outsource this step, it doesn’t have to be an intimidating task. You’ll find that some data analysis tools are available to help make this step a bit easier for you. Ensure that you’ve gathered all the required data before you launch your marketing campaign. 


Startups sometimes overlook this marketing task, and many consider this a candidate for outsourcing. However, advertising can be vital to growing your business. It can be a significant source of website traffic and revenue. Even pay per click ads can increase your online traffic and turnover.

It’s also an opportunity to increase brand awareness and expand your consumer base. You’ll reach people that otherwise may never have encountered your company.

You shouldn’t outsource this task because it has to support your trademark. This is your company’s public image, and it should accurately portray your mission and values. Once you have a significant following, you might want to consider trademarking your products and services.  

Email Marketing and Publicity Campaigns

Using online directories is another way to increase your customers. Publicity campaigns should seek to reach as wide of an audience as possible.

Companies with in-house marketing don’t have to worry about outsourcing these tasks, but if you don’t have a marketing department, you can do some of the basics independently. This is your company’s online handshake and first impression, so be sure to get it right the first time.

Branding Efforts

Much like advertising, you should tailor branding efforts to your customers. These initiatives should stem from your core goals. When you develop your brand, you change your business. It’s essential in marketing and has to be at the center of your outreach.

You can outsource some digital marketing tasks, but this isn’t one of them. If you know what your target audience is like, you shouldn’t have a hard time customizing your products and brand to pique their interest.  

Take Amazon, for example. Their brand focuses on customer success and technical excellence. One of the company’s core values is “customer obsession” and has been since its beginnings in 1994.  

Instead of focusing exclusively on what their competitors are doing, Amazon strives to understand its audience. From there, it delivers products that it believes will meet customers’ needs and provide simple yet powerful solutions. Jeff Bezos is adamant about this focus. 

If you take away anything from Amazon, it should be that a company’s operations must be customer-driven. It’s that principle that the company insists has been essential since day one.  

The vision for your brand has to come from you.  

Content Creation

This task falls under a similar vein to advertising, but it’s more about your establishment’s core values. Whether you’re an SEO agency or not, chances are you’ll get into online marketing at some point. That means you should have a handle on your content and website layout.

If you’re going to outsource to a digital marketing agency, be sure to read up and get familiar with its areas of expertise. If its forte isn't related to your business's values, you should write the content yourself. You can ensure that the ideas strike close to home with your audience. 

Many great content platforms allow you to create a professional website, like WordPress and Weebly. Once you’ve chosen a platform, it’s time to start the writing process. The internet is full of ideas, but you should strive to make original posts that inspire your readers.  

Feel free to check out what your competitors write about, but don’t base every move on what they’re doing. Try to develop a strategy for content creation. Again, you want these topics to come from your company values and vision.  

When To Outsource

Knowing when to outsource is vital to the success of your business. First, identify the operations you’d like to outsource and then research credible firms and agencies that offer those services. If there aren’t any that provide the quality you’re looking for, then in-house is the only way to go.

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