Review and Buyer's Guide: Why Most People Prefer To Use Central Vacuums?

Review and Buyer's Guide: Why Most People Prefer To Use Central Vacuums?

What is Centralized Aspiration?

Centralized Aspiration

Aspiration, in general, is a cleaning method that uses the force of air circulation, this air, moved by a motor, usually electric, moves dirt particles through a flexible hose to a tank.

The set of motor, flexible hose, tank, and accessories is what we usually call Vacuum Cleaner. The traditional way of using the system is to move this vacuum cleaner around the places to be cleaned, with the consequent fatigue, discomfort, and often deterioration of baseboards, floors, and furniture corners.

Centralized Aspiration consists of using the vacuum cleaning system, leaving fixed part of the 'vacuum cleaner', motor and tank that receives the CENTRAL name, in a room not used for the development of normal life, leading to the places to be cleaned pipes with taps at their ends to connect the flexible hose.

How does it work?

As simple as connecting the end of the flexible tube to any of the suction ports, at that moment an internal switch starts the Central Vacuum Unit, being able to clean as traditionally is done with a conventional vacuum cleaner, but without the inconvenience of transport. the same throughout the house.

Also from the hose, thanks to the comfortable and accessible control on the handle you can activate and deactivate the Central Vacuum Unit.

If you have an Automatic Unloading Center, you will never have to worry about the periodic emptying of accumulated waste.

Why most people prefer the Centralized Aspiration System?

So, have a look at all these advantages of a centralized vacuum:

1. Comfort and Safety, by not having to move heavy and large elements, as well as cables that twist between furniture, doors, and stairs ..., there are no controls, or electrical cords subject to possible dangerous derivations or high voltage short circuits.

2. More Cleanliness, as all the dirt is transported to a poorly habitable place. The traditional vacuum cleaner loses part of what is sucked in by exhaust air, which reverts, once again, dirt particles into the environment. This situation does not occur with central vacuum systems that completely remove dirt.

3. More Power, Our system is up to three times more powerful than a conventional vacuum cleaner, with the advantage that this supposes, not only in terms of efficiency and speed (you will get superior cleaning in less time) but also in your health, since it literally “starts” Allergens (mites) from the surface of floors and furniture, completely eliminating them from the room.

4. Durability, the motors that Xela Automatic Installation equips throughout its range have a much higher useful life than any current vacuum cleaner (how many vacuum cleaners have you bought in recent years for your home ...?), Guaranteeing the same suction flow Throughout the entire service life, without the power losses or deterioration of conventional vacuum cleaners.

5. Healthier, by moving the 'dirty' air mass out of the room, it causes the surrounding air to move to take its place, thus generating an aeration circuit that favors the ventilation of the home. Our installation completely eliminates the circulation of dirty air inside your home, as well as mites and other elements that are harmful to the health of your family.

6. Less Noise, as the motor is located far from normal living rooms, the loud and irritating noise of a conventional vacuum cleaner is eliminated. You will be able to hear important phone calls, a baby can sleep peacefully, and your favorite TV show will not be interrupted.

7. Protection for your furniture, by avoiding scratches and bumps on furniture, walls, and baseboards.

8. Revaluation of your Home, being your own installation that should be considered an investment in the same way as central heating systems, soundproofing, or satellite television circuits for example. Do not hesitate! ... your home will be worth more.

Central Vacuum System Installation

The vacuum centralized increasingly have worldwide recognition, but few dare to take the first step and install a central vacuum cleaner. Why? In fact, the installation of Beam Electrolux central vacuum cleaners is simple, fast, and inexpensive. In addition, at Aspiration Systems we study your case in order to achieve the highest efficiency in the installation of centralized vacuum cleaners.

Switching from home or industrial vacuum cleaners to a central vacuum system will offer you a host of benefits, as we announced in the last article 'Central Vacuum, the Best Way to Clean Homes and Businesses.'

Thus, an innovative central vacuum system will replace the company's noisy industrial vacuum cleaners or that vacuum cleaner that does not allow you to breathe properly due to mites.

Tips For Using Central Vacuum Cleaners

Centralized vacuum systems allow total safety and comfort both at home and in all types of companies thanks to the operation and installation of our centralized vacuum cleaners. Therefore, your children can play around the house without risk of current in the suction sockets and your central vacuum cleaner can be installed where you want, even next to boilers, washing machines, or other appliances. Plus, you won't have to clean the central vacuum system piping due to the high speed of the Electrolux central vacuum.

Undoubtedly, the operation of Beam Electrolux centralized vacuum cleaners is simple and practical:

• To turn on the central vacuum system, you only have to connect the central vacuum cleaner using the switch or plug the hose into the outlet thanks to its automatic start-up system.

• Cleaning the vacuum cleaner is limited to emptying the easy-to-remove and replace tank every 3-6 months depending on use. This operation will take less than 1 minute. You can also wipe the outside of the central vacuum with a damp cloth with the central vacuum system switched off.

You can vacuum with centralized vacuum cleaners:

• Small crystals

• Dust, mites, and pet hair

• Liquids using the pre-separator depending on the central vacuum system you use

• Ashes as long as you use the pre-separation option of the central vacuum cleaner

• Plaster and construction material, although if you do, you should use the pre-separator

• Outdoor spaces such as gardens, as some elements can hinder the operation of the centralized vacuum cleaner motor

Types of Centralized Vacuum Cleaners

At Aspiration Systems there are three types of centralized vacuum systems with all Beam Electrolux cleaning accessories:

• Beam Alliance central vacuum system with a powerful central vacuum for professional household cleaning.

• Centralized Vacuum Cleaner Beam Platinum, an industrial vacuum cleaner suitable for the home.

• Beam Mundo centralized vacuum system, a design adapted for flats and single-family homes.

Plus, we offer Beam Electrolux Professional Cleaning Packs so you don't leave anything unclean.


To conclude, they are easy to use and the best part about them is that they provide the best cleaning solution that helps to clean your home and commercial zone. Enjoy the cleaning with this super-fast item that is easily available on Best Pick Vacuum.

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