The Main Principles of Good Web Design

The Main Principles of Good Web Design

In the digital domain, the design of a website can be defined as its ability to respond effectively to the needs of users and to provide them with comfort when browsing. In other words, usability is consistency between the layout, placement and usability of the necessary web controls of your website.

In a world where Internet users have more than a billion searchable websites at their disposal, businesses must focus on the appearance of their sites by ensuring that the website design is optimized, user-friendly, and offers a good user experience .

In this article, we will describe the most important webdesign principles to take into account when creating a website or redesigning it.


A clean website will strengthen the credibility of an organization! While the appearance of your website is important, visitors come here only to take action or find specific information. Adding unnecessary elements to your site will only hamper its usability and effectiveness. Don't use too many colors, choose clear fonts and provide readable content ...

Easy Navigation

Intuitive navigation on your site is crucial to ensure that your visitors find what they are looking for quickly. An Internet user must be able to find their way easily on your site in order to immediately access the information they need. Getting from point A to point B should be as easy as possible!


Besides consistent navigation, the overall appearance of your website should be logical on all pages. Backgrounds, color schemes, fonts, and even your handwriting and tone adopted are all elements of consistency that have a positive impact on usability and user experience.

Responsive design

With the rise in the number of tablet and smartphone users around the world, it has become necessary to develop websites incorporating responsive design technology. Your website should be compatible with all types of devices in order to provide a great user experience . Indeed, responsive design consists of a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and a clever use of CSS multimedia queries. When the user switches from their computer to their iPad, your website should automatically switch to accommodate resolution, screen size, and scripting capabilities.


Graphic elements must allow the user to easily find his way around the site built from a uniform graphic charter applied to all the pages. In addition to personalization elements such as the logo placed in the same place on all pages, solutions such as breadcrumbs make it easier to find and locate the user on the site. A sitemap can also be a great way to help the visitor understand the site tree.


The text must be structured by paragraphs and titles of different levels in order to facilitate reading and ensure a certain information architecture . Structuring involves organizing the elements of the website so that visitors naturally identify the most important information first. But even if you direct them towards actions to be carried out, you must direct them in a way that feels natural and non-binding.

The design of web interfaces aims to improve the user experience. It should not be neglected in the realization of a web project . You must take into account all the points mentioned above in order to succeed in your digital strategy. As web designers, we develop awesome websites that will allow you to achieve your goals. Do not hesitate to consult us if necessary in this area!

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