Benefits and Harm of Cosmetic Products

Benefits and Harm of Cosmetic Products

Cosmetics, which has been the common use of women for centuries, has become a social need today. However, in addition to this, the damages of cosmetic products are increasing due to chemical ingredients.

What are the harms of cosmetic products?

Blurring or deterioration of the eyes. Many of the cosmetic products used today, such as mascara, base, eyeliner, etc. can be observed in the eyes, such as blurring, sensitivity or deterioration due to the long stay in the eye or not being cleaned very well. 

It also causes hair problems. Hair dyes, hair waxes, or hair gels contain high amounts of carcinogenic substances. If skin analysis is not performed and a quality product is not used, redness on the scalp, hair loss, dandruff are some of the problems you will encounter. 

It damages the nails. Processes, such as nail polish, manicure, and pedicure used on the nails cause the nail to wear. Nail polish applied to the nail or false nails should not remain on the nail surface for a very long time.

Benefits of Cosmetic Products

Natural cosmetic products, which you can buy from wholesale beauty supply distributors in china and have been used for centuries, are the most reliable products we can apply to our skin, even though they are costly in terms of price. However, risking low quality cosmetic for your skin is totally not considerable. 

Why should we use dermocosmetic products?

Those who have sensitive skin structure and those who want to correct their skin problems prefer to use dermocosmetic products. Dermocosmetic products are a rescue for those who have skin problems. Dermocosmetic products, which are mostly obtained from pharmacies, have serious benefits in skin repair. The reason why makeup products are also preferred in skin, body and hair care is because dermocosmetic products do not contain chemical ingredients in general. So why should we use dermocosmetic products? What are the benefits of dermocosmetic products? 

They are reliable

While developing dermocosmetic products, all scientific disciplines, such as pharmacists, physicians, chemists, biologists and dermatologists are included in the process. On the other hand, these products have to comply with the cosmetic product legislation. It is not correct to approach these products as medicine, but their reliability against any other cosmetic product is high.

Clean ingredients

The difference between dermocosmetics and cosmetics is in product content. Products called cosmetics can contain synthetics, less controlled in terms of content. Dermocosmetic products contain various skin-friendly ingredients, such as antioxidants, herbal extracts, sun filters, enzymes, vitamins.

It repairs skin in long term

The purpose of using dermocosmetic products can be explained as being beautiful and well-groomed without sacrificing skin and body health in the long term. In dermocosmetics, it is aimed to achieve the desired result for the skin physiologically. Cosmetic products are shorter-term investments, the instant effect and glow they provide may be more pronounced than dermocosmetic products, but they are temporary.

No side effects

Especially for those with sensitive and allergic skin, those who have an area that needs to be protected such as wound, infection, surgery scar, and those with skin ailments, dermocosmetic products are savior. People in this situation can use allergy tested dermocosmetic products with peace of mind, absolutely with the advice of a dermatologist.

Choosing dermo-cosmetic products, such as eye shadow, gloss, concealer, illuminator, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil, lip liner that are applied to the face every day will be beneficial to preserve the healthy skin structure in the long term.

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