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Positives of COVID-19 on the Tech Industry

Positives of COVID-19 on the Tech Industry

Péter Deli 953 07-Oct-2020

Covid-19 and its impact can’t be avoided, as many countries still experience new waves of infections. In the tech environment, it’s been both negative and positive.

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Technology is a part of almost everyone’s lives. From mobile phones to medical testing devices, we encounter technology wherever we go.  

The Covid-19 pandemic has closed businesses, ruined lives and economies. Many industries are feeling the pandemic’s consequences, and it’s shown us how much society depends on technology.  

In this article, we’ll discuss the technological impact of Covid-19 and look at some positive ways the sector has benefited.  

Subsectors of Technology Affected In Positive Ways

It can be easy to think that the Covid-19 pandemic only brings negative changes. But, good things can come from bad situations. Some subcategories of technology are showing positive results of Covid-19. 

  1. Collaboration And Communication Solutions

Communicating and collaborating has increased in businesses. Employees are finding other ways to replace social interaction. As a result, companies are seeing increases in users of communication applications. This opens up new growth as people interact with each other more.

2. Security  

 As companies move their workforces to remote environments, it’s important to re-evaluate security solutions. Administrators are re-assessing services like data protection, back-up management, and document compliance.

3. Digital Experience Providers

Providers of streaming media and gaming companies are growing due to Covid-19’s impact, as people look for different forms of social interaction and entertainment. This has opened up a great opportunity for these types of companies to gain new clients and tap into different markets.

4. Contactless Payment Methods

Contactless payment options are being used more as hygiene and other concerns make people avoid cash. People avoid payment methods or technology that changes hands often.

5. Cloud Technology and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become integral to ensuring companies and employees can work in remote settings. Cloud technology is playing a major role in helping sales forces engage with virtual clients.

Positive Impact on End-User Technology During Covid-19

Technology is playing a massive role in keeping everyday business affairs running smoothly. As the world deals with the pandemic, different sector technologies are being used to combat Covid-19.

Covid-19 has meant a lot of self-isolation and social-distancing. This has created a high demand for health care, logistics, and staple products. These industries rely on technology, and companies working in these activities will benefit. 

How Tech Companies Are Helping Out During Covid-19

With all the problems Covid-19 is causing, many technology companies are in positions of responsibility and influence to help the situation.

Let’s look at some different ways that tech companies are helping to make the current situation better. 

Helping to Prevent The Spread Of False Information

  • Twitter announces searches for Covid-19 will list the WHO (World Health Organisation) above other sources
  • This is part of Twitter’s effort to reduce confusion on Covid-19

Helping Companies Migrate Employees To Remote Settings

  • Streaming video services have started reducing video quality to meet the demand for the internet
  • Companies are helping other organisations move workforces to remote settings
  • Zoom is allowing free use of its tool to K-12 schools, with unlimited useability


Covid-19 won’t be around forever, but at least we know that the tech industry is moving in the right direction. While it’s made us aware of the impact of technology, the industry seems to have a strong footing. The future looks to bring good news and we hope to see more in the coming months.

Updated 07-Oct-2020
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