Five apps that can optimize your work from home routine for productivity

Five apps that can optimize your work from home routine for productivity

The work-from-home culture has gained momentum in the global working spheres due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The novel virus has not found a cure yet, but the only options available to maintain safety include physical distancing and quarantine. The outbreak of COVID-19 can be considered as a seismic shift in work culture for everyone. From solopreneurs to freelancers, corporate drones, to students working in shifts at cafes and diners, everyone has been through a challenging phase.

Essentially, working from home has been considered as eternal bliss for those who chose to embrace it before the pandemic. It is generally assumed that working from home is all rainbows and unicorn, but the truth begs to differ.

One of the greatest challenges of working from home is the impact on your productivity. Regardless of your industry position, it is inevitable for you to experience stagnation at some point in life.

Working from home has changed the concept of office spaces and organization for all. The lockdowns and quarantine have had a dramatic effect on work lives due to the transition for remote work. Those who started working remotely for the first time had a very different experience. One that was far from seamless and efficient!

Adjustments have been needed on each end to push through the chaos that is COVID-19. Under all circumstances, the key to remaining productive during tough times is to remain organized and mindful of your boundaries between work and home life. Once you establish these, then you are all good to go!

As the world prepares for the emergence of the second wave of the pandemic, it is time for you to optimize your work tools to keep your work-life undisturbed.

Here is a list of five apps to ensure a smooth transition to work from home in the unfortunate case of reiteration of lockdowns and quarantine. If you start working on these tools today, you can save yourself from a bigger mess in the future.

Google Drive

Google Drive is an efficient storage tool that can be your best friend as you work from home. It is an ideal tool for information sharing and collaborative work from remote distances. It enables you to not only store your files in a single space but also allows you to organize things in a clear way. Google Drive has the option to invite others to comment and share feedback on the projects stored on the cloud. It updates the files rapidly and lets you rest assured about the quick access to updated documents. It saves your time and efforts and constantly proves to be your companion.


Zoom has become quite a common application since the lockdowns were imposed. This efficient video collaboration tool enables interdependent teams to work seamlessly, even from the confines of their individual residences. Zoom meetings help you remain connected through video updates and stand-up calls. You can share your screen with the attendees to make sure that the team is on the same page. It is a tool; you must have in your arsenal for efficient work from home.


Every job requires task tracking at some point. In that case, Trello is the perfect online tool for task-tracking and organization. It offers a flexible structure that lets you enjoy your independence while working from home.

Primarily, Trello has a series of boards where cards are collected in columns. Each card represents a task in the form of checklists, images, spreadsheets, etc. It works as a virtual assistant to keep track of your progress and constantly reminding you about tasks due. You can make multiple boards to keep things organized and under control. With the new edition of the Butler feature, Trello takes automation to another level.

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Pomodoro Timer

In order to maintain high levels of productivity, an individual must make sure that they fulfill their tasks on time. Since work-from-home entails minimal supervision, it could lead to distractions and mismanagement of time. So, if you are looking for a neat trick to amp up your time management skills for high priority tasks, then the Pomodoro Timer is the perfect choice for you.

The app divides your working hours into twenty-five-minute episodes with five minutes of rest. The integration of the Pomodoro technique in your everyday work life will help you get better at time management and boost your efficiency as well.

Nike Trainers Club

Staying active is the route to attaining optimal efficiency. While the gyms and yoga classes are closed due to the lockdown periods, working out has become a severe challenge for most people. With the abundance of fitness gurus available on the internet and the lack of customization available on a smaller budget, things have become unpleasant for those you lack gym equipment at home.

To meet this feat, an individual is free to download the Nike Trainers Club. It is an app that takes your attributes and customizes a plan specially designed for you. It helps you burn off the unnecessary calories and keeps you in top shape while you sit at the couch all day, trying to meet your office deadlines.

Final Thoughts

As the culture of work from home continues to grow, the passion for optimizing work routines has also been at an all-time high. An increasing number of enterprises have adopted work from home policies in the last few months, and million and one organizations are expected to follow suit in the case of a second wave of the pandemic.

Remember that the only way you can remain positive and organized during this period is through dedication and determination. Remember that work from home may be taxing for your capabilities at the moment, but it is indeed a step in the right direction.

Try to adopt practices that help you assimilate the flexible routine at an easier pace. After all, COVID-19 has not ended yet, and we must stay prepared at all times!

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