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What makes JavaScript the most preferred Programming Language of all time?

What makes JavaScript the most preferred Programming Language of all time?

Gowtham Kumar1411 24-Sep-2020

What makes JavaScript the most preferred Programming Language of all time?

In the world of programming, there are many programming languages to choose from. Languages like HTML/CSS, SQL, PYTHON, RUBY, and the list goes on. But the question here is that which is the most sought-after programming language? Well, we programmers found the answer to this question in the year 1995. When a Developer named Brendan Eich developed and invented a new programming language in the market.

First, it was decided to name the programming language as Live Script, but because of marketing reasons, it was named as JavaScript. The first version of JavaScript was developed by Netscape 2. And the JavaScript as programming boomed in the market. The utility graph of JavaScript has never been negative. Rather after the release of JavaScript, all other competitors saw some low graphs.  

JavaScript has been claimed as a futuristic programming language since the day of its release. Every new version of JavaScript brought something new and out of the box. And these were the reasons which made the journey of JavaScript successful.

The approach of JavaScript is said to be futuristic. Indeed, there are no other programming languages that can beat JavaScript from any aspect.

Usage of JavaScript

Well, basically, programming languages help in the creation of codes, encryption of databases, designing, planning, development, and Improvement of web services, web pages, and websites, and most importantly, programming languages are required to design, style, develop and maintain applications. And with JavaScript, every above-mentioned work can be done with ease.

JavaScript is basically used by Web Developers, First-End Web Developer, JavaScript Programmers, DevOps Engineers, Web Application Developers, and so on. From designing websites to aesthetically styling websites, web pages, and applications, everything can be done by the usage of JavaScript.

Why is JavaScript so Popular?

In comparison to HTML/CSS, RUBY, PYTHON, and all such programming languages, JavaScript is chosen by most of the programmers' worldwide. According to the 2019 survey conducted by StackOverflow, the highest usability rating was awarded to the JavaScript. It was recorded that about 67% of Programmers and Developers use JavaScript as there weapon to develop and design codes for web-based applications and so on.

The JavaScript is so much famous because of it's ever updated libraries. It consists of huge libraries, and each library is specifically used for each type of work. The JavaScript library gets updated regularly. So it stays relevant to the new trends of technology. It provides an open-source to the developers to add any new codes or to modify any codes.

Reasons to support the Popularity of JavaScript 

1. It was Adopted Early

When the programmers back then were facing problems to develop and design web pages. The JavaScript proved to be a boon for such programmers. Back the showing popup was not possible. Until the invention of JavaScript. After the release of the stable version of JavaScript, it allowed the programmers to use show popup. And many ad agencies used this feature to advertise products and services abruptly.

2. JavaScript Codes can be readily Executed.

This portion is a bit tricky to understand. In programming, there are some specific terms and phrases which can be misunderstood for non-technical people.

In the field of web programming, the most important part is to prepare and execute codes on clients and servers. Here browser is referred to as Client, and Server is said to be something outside the browser. Suppose let's take this article as a server and Client, as we know, is the browser. Sowhenever you search for this article, your browser and the website of this article will be called Client. At the same time, this article is extracted from the Server and is served back to the Client.

Well, this is the most striking and most surprising feature of JavaScript. And this feature actually helped to boost the popularity of JavaScript drastically.

3. Flexible

Well, ultimately, JavaScript is well-known for its flexibility and dynamic nature. It actually permits the developers to create, develop, and improve codes and applications, according to their will. It makes the Developers feel like a passionate Artist with a never-ending canvas and colors.


These are the possible and visible reasons why JavaScript is so popular in the world of programming. After all, it has indeed brought revolution and evolution in the world of programming and coding. So such language will always be the favorite of Programmers and Developers.

Updated 24-Sep-2020
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