Handmade Gift ideas for Loved Ones

Handmade Gift ideas for Loved Ones

Gifting has been a tradition for centuries now and where gifting is concerned, it is dreaded upon by the “maestros” too. Gifting is primarily concerned with emotions and emotions can best be shown when you put your time, effort and full heart in it. Do you want to know the best type of gift that you can never go wrong with? Handmade!

Handmade gifts have their charm and you can’t deny it. This could be a personal bias of mine but trust me, you cannot go wrong with handmade gifts ever! Come to think of it, the very thought of love letters instead of text messages from your beloved brings nostalgia and a smile to your face. Everything- from letters, sweaters, paintings, sculptures, cards and scrapbooks is included in handmade gifting. In a capitalist world where everything is buy-and-sell putting your time and effort in something is sure to be cherished by the receiver. It builds an emotional connect with the receiver. But hold on! If you are thinking you can make a two-fold card and impress the person receiving, you need to reconsider. 

Handmade Paintings for the art enthusiasts

Handmade gifts are the gifts that keep on giving. They are not replenished by the usage of them. You gift a handmade painting to someone, it is sure to stay on a wall in their room for years on end. Handmade paintings are now done even digitally, online. Digital paintings are easy to send and share online and could be an excellent alternative during these covid ridden times.

Handmade Gift ideas for Loved Ones

Now you might think what if I am not that good at painting? What you need to think is, will the other person like it if I paint and give it to them as a gift? Gifting is less about the object presented and more about the person receiving it. It also tells a lot about the person who is gifting and the type of bond shared between them.

You can make a portrait of the person or a painting of the two of you, with symbolism if not actual portraits suggesting you are two peas in a pod, which can be portrayed even literally!

Letters for the old school and the romantics

When it comes to letters, you need to sit and think what you want to convey and in what manner. It is just you and the person in that page-space and hence letters are often considered very intimate. To give it an extra personalized touch, you can write it with ink pen on a paper.

My friend and her husband were in a long distance relationship and for her anniversary, her husband decided to do things differently this time. He stopped texting her every day except twice a week, months before their anniversary. He had started writing letters since then but did not post them. He posted one on the day of their anniversary and thereafter, she got a letter every week. It was as if they met in that space of a paper personally. It was old school and romantic and perfect for my friend who was an avid reader.

Scrap Booking for those who like go all-in

Scrap books are the best gifts and also highly aesthetic. The best part? Serves as an album too! It is an all in one solution for gifting for the ones who can’t decide on one. You can extract all your creative juices for this one and splash it all over. A scrap book can be filled with anything and everything! That movie you went for together? Paste its ticket! The weird pictures you have? Paste them, doodle on them and write a note! Made card already? Put it in there! Scrap books can have letters, pictures, notes, tickets, bits and pieces of everything and anything

Handmade Gift ideas for Loved Ones

For one of my best friend’s birthday, me and my other friend made a scrap book with our pictures since childhood and memories attached with it. We added our friendship songs’ lyrics along with doodles of us three relating to the lyrics. It is her most prized possession till date.

Some ideas that require good intent but a little skill too 

Sweater: Making a sweater requires a little prior skill and patience but the results can be astounding. It can be an amazing gift especially for someone who has their birthday in winters. Make it with their favorite color or include a pattern which they like. Themes can work really good in your favor. For instance, my mother made me a black sweater with a Mickey Mouse pattern as I was a Disney fan.

Flower vases: Making flower vases with long plastic strips or scoobie threads look great and can also decorate a corner in their room.

Sculpting: If you are good with clay and pottery you can gift handmade pots and even paint them in vibrant colors. Not just pots but miniature sculptures and idols work their charm too.

An Outfit: This one requires ample skills and can be an amazing idea if you can sew a dress or a shirt. A plus point? They will always automatically think of you whenever they wear it!

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