Follow 5 Simple Steps To Create Your Own Perfect Wikis

Follow 5 Simple Steps To Create Your Own Perfect Wikis


Over the years, brands and business organizations across the planet are using the digital media for their marketing. The use of digital platforms has helped many brands increase their overall reach and it has successfully allowed many brands and business organizations to increase their sales and profits.

Common Digital Platforms Being Used For Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing has been on the rise in recent times. Every brand or business organization, startup and individual interested in increasing their reach and creating awareness in these times is making use of digital marketing. A few common platforms that are being used as a marketing tool are:

Social Media Websites:

The use of social media is now something that is being done by billions of people across the world. When you talk about marketing, social media will always be regarded as one of the best marketing tools in the world. It not only helps in creating awareness but is also one of the best ways brands can engage their target audiences effectively.

One of the best things about social media marketing is that, it is highly cost effective and allows its users to make use of all the different types of content. Video content, written content and audio content are all easily used on these platforms.


Even though Wikipedia is a virtual encyclopedia but still it is a highly effective marketing tool. Due to its high traffic volume brands and business organizations choose to make a wikipedia page about their organizations so that people can get information about them. Wikipedia pages usually use written content and images in their pages but the greatest thing about wiki pages is the fact that Wikipedia is a highly reliable source of information. Due to its reliability brands can effectively use these pages to increase their credibility, online visibility, overall reach and web traffic volumes along with many other benefits.

How to Create a Wiki Page?

The higher the list of benefits, the trickier it is to create a Wikipedia page. A wiki page that will make it through the screening process successfully is difficult to make. Most wiki page creators fail to create a page that meets the standards of the platform and their articles or pages get rejected. However, there is an easy process that makes use of these 5 simple steps to create a wiki page that will have a high chance of survival in the official screening process.

Step 1:

The First step of the process is optional and can be skipped if you are not a professional wiki page creator. This step simply requires you to create an account on Wikipedia which is as simple as creating an e-mail id for yourself. However, this step comes highly recommended by professional wiki writers because it helps in creating and maintaining a reputation for yourself as a page creator.

Step 2:

In this second step, you need to select a topic for your wiki page or article. Make sure to select a topic for your wiki page that meets the notability criteria of Wikipedia. Another aspect of selecting a title or topic for your wiki page that you need to be careful about is that you should make sure that your selected topic is not already present on Wikipedia otherwise, you can only make edits on the existing page. According to the rules of Wikipedia, there cannot be two wiki articles or pages that cover the same topic or have the same page title.

Step 3:

Now, that you have chosen your topic, you are to conduct a thorough research on your topic. Dig out all the information you can about your chosen topic and make sure that all the information you are collecting is authentic and based on facts.

Step 4:

So, you have all the information ready and now you need to write your blog. Writing your wiki article requires you to follow the writing principles of the platform. Make sure you are using a neutral writing tone and using no promotional content on the page. Another very important aspect of writing for your wiki page is to make sure that you are providing references and making use of citations because these are very necessary to authenticate the information you are providing on your wiki page.

Step 5:

Now, that you are done with the writing of your wiki page, you are required to submit the page for the official review process. However, before you submit your wiki article or page, it is highly recommended that you go over your mistakes and correct them to avoid rejection.

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