Cleaning the carpets: tips for caring for the antique carpet

Cleaning the carpets: tips for caring for the antique carpet

Who does not have something to which he is deeply attached, perhaps because he has been left to him by someone very important?

Like a very old Persian carpet left by one's grandparents. A rug as old as beautiful , so even the idea of relegating it to the attic is unthinkable along with many other memories of past times.

Unfortunately the time that passes and the children that pass (on the carpet), do not help to keep it in the best conditions, and the grandmother from up there could look with disapproval for the conditions in which her beloved gift is placed. 

In this article you will find some tips to make your grandmother always proud of you and the way you take care of her old carpet; as an alternative, we remind you that you can resort to a Professional Carpet Cleaning in West Midlands such as that offered by us. 

The carpets are stained very easily and the risk of ruining them irreparably while trying to clean them is unfortunately around the corner! Solutions? To make an old carpet shine again, there are many, even if the way to keep it as long as possible as new is through a constant use of the vacuum cleaner, both on the front and on the back. 

Generic chemical solvents are mostly to be avoided unless you want to run the risk of irreparably staining the fibers of the fabric, so it is better to choose specific products for cleaning carpets . 

So let's arm ourselves with everything we need to make our old friend return as new: 

1. Specific carpet product 

2. Ammonia

3. Trichloroethylene

4. Brush and cloths

5. Carpet cleaner, and vacuum cleaner and electric carpet cleaner

The first and most frequent cleaning operation to be carried out is the use of a vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaners ; this, however, only after hanging it outside, an operation that will also help keep us in shape. Who needs a gym when they have a house to keep clean? 

But be careful not to slam it with too much force or you will irreparably weaken the plot that composes it. However, not everyone has the time, the desire and above all the possibility of hanging the carpet outdoors. In this regard, there are various types of electric carpet cleaners that ensure thorough cleaning, without the need for a vacuum cleaner or the classic hand carpet cleaner. 

Carpet Cleaning Products 

In addition to this care, some carpets need little else - after all, many can safely go to the washing machine and make a nice spin, thus returning very clean with little effort. 

Other rugs, such as that of the grandmother, need more complex treatments, for example they may also need a healthy brushing to remove superficial dirt deposits or specific treatments against stains.

If the stains are light and not too deep, a cloth moistened with ammonia or with a little trichloroethylene diluted with water may suffice, but if the situation is more complicated or the carpet is particularly delicate, it is advisable to use a specific product in able to guarantee better results with less risk for the integrity of the fabric. 

In both cases we invite you to always try the products on the non-visible part of the carpet before applying them to the front. 

To remove stains with the cloth you will have to rub vigorously following the direction of the hair. Moisten the area as well, but be careful not to overdo it: you would risk leaving it deformed once dried.

After having finished cleaning the carpets, it is a good idea to let them dry outdoors to avoid mold, but not in direct sunlight, otherwise the colors may lose their shine. 

If after drying you do not want to use it for a certain period, roll it up with the front side facing inwards and make sure you use specific products against moths. 

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