Know More About Alstroemeria Flowers

Know More About Alstroemeria Flowers

They are South America’s native, but you will find great diversity in Chile. Today they have spread to the US, New Zealand, Mexico, and many more continents. It can last for years in the garden and over two weeks as a cut flower. The perennial makes beautiful flower arrangements, which are more common at weddings and makes a lovely centerpiece. Keep reading to learn more about your favorite flower.

Which colors does Alstroemeria come in?

Like many other flowers, the Peruvian lilies have a variety of hues. They come with all the rainbow colors, from yellow, purple, white, red, orange, and pink. However, you will find contrasting color patterns and some speckles on the petals.

Does Alstroemeria have a rooted meaning?

Like other blooms, Peruvian lilies represent particular meaning with every hue; white is for strength and purity, Yellow for happiness and energy, pink is for those who are feeling a bit playful in romance, and red is for those who are fiercely in love.

As you can see, it boils down to friendship, strength, love, and devotion. When a friend is going through some trials in life, let’s say that Alstroemeria’s flowers are your best bet.

Alstroemeria flowers fun fact

This flower is also recognized as Peruvian lily, Parrot lily, and lily of Incas.  There are over 50 species of Alstroemeria flowers. Some of these plants produce vegetative stems, while others produce blossom. And the blooming doesn’t stop, from summer to fall. The flower has no scent. Its cut flower lasts about two weeks, while the plant can go for years if well cared for.

Alstroemeria Aurea

One can easily recognize Alstroemeria Aurea because of its terminal clusters of tiny orangish or golden-yellowish color. They are beautiful and vibrant and have a close resemblance of orchid flowers. These blooms are very conspicuous and delightful. They lavishly bloom in a garden. They are looking spectacular in a group or mass planting. 

Today you can find a variety of hybrids in an array of hues. And the most common colors include yellow, orange, lavender, red, white, and salmon. Most people fall in love with their striking beauty. You are likely to see them in summer since they grow well in full sun.


 In conclusion, don’t you think it’s quite fascinating to learn something you didn’t know about Alstroemeria flowers? From its origin to some fun facts and its significance. Now you will be safe to use the lily of Incas, where it suits best.

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