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How to Use Social Networks to Help Sell Your Business

How to Use Social Networks to Help Sell Your Business

James McNeil1064 21-Sep-2020

Nowadays, running a business without any account on social media is absolutely impossible. Otherwise, it would be no use. People not only take the most of the World Wide Web, but also master it as a commercial platform. Currently, advertising services on forums, social platforms and sites are becoming profitable.  

Why choose social networks to promote your product

Traditional marketing methods are gradually losing their effectiveness. In such circumstances, companies are looking for new ways to attract new audience and build their customer base. One of these tools has become social networks. They have fundamentally changed the way we handle and build personal and business relations. Moreover, the advent of social platforms has had a huge impact on the whole society. 

If to compare the use of social media with traditional advertising, for example, banners, you can find a number of advantages of promoting your company via Internet:

• Wider and more accurate coverage of the target audience. Moreover, social networks surpass all traditional resources in popularity, not exceeding perhaps the relevance of search engines. Also, the audience of social networks is growing day by day;

• The ability to receive quick feedback from customers as well as to respond them in an instance;

• Increased customer loyalty due to unobtrusiveness of the company’s brand. Advertising on social networks is not so conspicuous. It is not considered by users to be imposed. It seems to be rather recommendations of friends, the opinion of interesting people of community leaders. This generates more trust.


There is one more significant benefit. Social media are not subject to the crisis and the influence of any external factors. They do not depend on the political and economic situation in the country or region. The only danger they may be exposed to is a drop in the level of attendance. In this case, you can switch to a platform that is more popular among users of your target audience.

Modern social networks make it possible to receive detailed reports on the ranking of the use of links, articles, content distribution on the company’s web resource.. The organization itself can track the popularity of the created community or group among users, the actions of participants on its platform. Just find out what attracts the target audience and examine opinions about your product. All of this ultimately will help you to create a loyal customer base.


What social networks you should use

There is no unified strategy, which would suit anyone. Different social platforms have their own characteristics and require diverse approaches to building a marketing tactic. In other words, you should decide what effect and purposes you want to achieve switching to the Internet marketing.

To begin with, for a lax and quite friendly atmosphere, Facebook has an active marketing strategy. You should start creating your company page. Pay particular attention to its structure, because the visual component is important to users.

Facebook is a platform where people communicate with friends, so when contacting your audience, you should stick to an amiable tone. Remember that this social network has a low increase in organic traffic, so choose a low-cost advertising strategy.

Another viral homepage is Instagram. It is owned by Facebook and has approximately 1 billion of active users, who share photos and videos with their subscribers. Instagram is a very favorable environment for promotion since more than 50% of users are subscribed to at least one brand. Focusing on visual content, Instagram is perfect for companies that sell products and provide some services that can be shown in photos.

How to make Instagram users remember you? The answer is simple. You need to regularly publish high quality, visually catchy content and correctly set hashtags. In terms of advertising, Instagram offers the same set of options and audience targeting tools as Facebook. Moreover, thanks to the functions of Shoppable Posts and Shoppable Stories, the Instagram network has become an online store.

LinkedIn is a social network for the professional community. Groups on this platform help to get in touch with people from your and related industries, share content with like-minded people. In additions, you can also post vacancies on this platform. Ask your customers to give positive feedback about the company in your profile since new users always pay attention to recommendations. Also, watch the ‘Questions’ section. By publishing answers to questions, you increase your credibility and ramp up trust level among potential customers.

YouTube is number one platform for creating and distributing video content. YouTube can be successfully used to promote your product. Many companies are trying to create a breakthrough video and hope that it will become viral. However, this happens quite rarely. Instead, focus on creating useful video tutorials. There is always a great demand for such content. Moreover, these videos appear at google search results pages.

Use platforms that indicate your office location

Beside already mentioned social networks, you have the opportunity to use platforms that detect your office location. You can create your own website, which would seem more serious and reliable to the potential customers of the middle age category. To do this successfully use the special services or try your luck and do this on your own for free. Then, think about your homepage promotion. What does it require? You need the content and linking references to boost your creditability. 

Social platforms such as Yelp and FourSquare are suitable for companies that have physical points of sale. Sign up on these sites, indicate your location and try to attract customers with various rewards for grades and special discounts. However, remember that satisfied users do not skimp on good reviews, and this is just what you need. It is a great example of mutually beneficial cooperation.

The social platforms like Reddit, as well as Stumble Upon and Digg are designed to host unique and really interesting content that cannot be found anywhere else. Reddit boasts more than 2 billion page views per month, indicating its huge marketing potential.

The target audience of Reddit is young people of liberal views who are addicted to new technologies. If you think that your content might interest such a fastidious community, then go ahead. You have every chance to establish yourself as an expert in your field and increase traffic.

Social media marketing not only helps the company attract more traffic to its website, but also establishes more direct, ‘human’ relationships with the audience. Moreover, they give brands the opportunity to get to know customers and tailor their strategies to them.

Account design

The style and presentation of account information on the network is no less important than the design of the site. It is important to rely on the needs of the target audience. There are several important elements for a successful account setup:

1. Brand name;

2. Company’s logo;

3. Sticking to a palette of pastel colors;

4. Principles of composition when choosing pictures;

5. Original multimedia or with an open license;

6. Brief and catchy description of the scope of your activity.

These are the basic principles while designing an account on social media. Choose a style, stick to it when arranging photos and creating posts. Also, it is better to develop your personal style for the design of pictures in posts and stories.

Engage and keep subscribers

You should move to this step only when you already can offer a decent content on the page and you can catch users’ attention. On the average, an active advertising campaign can be launched after 3-4 months of maintaining a profile.

There exist certain ways to draw the attention of audience to a page. The most salable are ads from bloggers, in other communities and an advertising campaign on social networks directly. If you do not have experience in advertising campaigns, it is recommended that you contact a specialist in this field on social networks, because you can come across scammers or invest a lot of money without the expected return due to inappropriate advertising settings.

In the nutshell, there are certain principles towards engaging the subscribers. When ordering ads from other communities or bloggers, make sure they are similar to your target audience. Evaluate the number of subscribers and activity on the page, which is important, since this is a guarantee that the subscribers are not fake, but are really interested and can be your potential customers.

When setting up advertising on the social network itself, pay special attention to the choice of the audience to whom the campaign will be directed. With its wrong choice, the cost per click increases significantly, and the feedback will be poor.

The use of various social platforms for promotion on the Internet allows you to effectively establish communication with potential and real consumers of goods and services. In addition, it solves a number of other equally important tasks like developing the brand’s recognition, building loyalty among the target audience, taking over competitors, as well as increasing the volume of sales.



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