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How To Develop a Healthcare App That Works for Customers

How To Develop a Healthcare App That Works for Customers

Aurélien B 632 17-Sep-2020

Going through addiction treatment and making the transition into sober living is understandably a daunting task for most. Many recovering addicts choose to live in sober housing as a result to help ensure their success. However, oftentimes just living in sober housing isn’t enough to help out recovering addicts through their life change. For this reason, many companies have developed apps to help recovering addicts achieve a healthy and productive sober life. Here is how to develop a healthcare app that works for customers and helps them get through addiction treatment and recovery.

What Does a Healthcare App for Recovering Addicts Look Like? 

Good healthcare apps that are designed for recovering addicts compile all of the important information that they need into one place. This includes things like relevant housing information, information on the city’s public transportation system, and future opportunities for after the recovering addict leaves the sober home. It also provides elements such as an easy way to request help when needed, weekly checklists, and a way to make sober living more fun and enjoyable. "We have worked hard with our residents to incorporate all the elements that they want to access on a daily basis, and keep them engage with our recovery programs", says Mat Gorman, CEO at Eudaimonia Recovery Homes.

How can Healthcare Apps Help Recovering Addicts? 

Having an app makes access to recovery information more accessible, which can greatly improve addiction treatment more successful. Alcohol or drug rehab is a difficult task on its own, so providing tools to recovering addicts that makes the process easier often improves treatment outcomes.Putting all relevant recovery information in one app can make things like paying a payment plan, setting up future education or employment plans, and even just living in sober housing easier for those going through addiction treatment.

The Key Elements for a Great Healthcare App 

Having crucial recovery information be easily accessible is very important after an alcohol or drug detox, such as Briarwood Detox. However, there are other key elements to this type of healthcare app that are needed just as much in order for it to be successful. Having a portal for recovering addicts to request for help if an issue arises with their or a friend’s treatment can prevent things like relapses and overdoses. In addition to this, including elements that make the app a more fun and enjoyable experience will make recovering addicts log onto the app more often. These things could be games and a reward system for doing things like passing drug tests and attending recovery meetings. These things will make addiction recovery safer.


Having a healthcare app during addiction treatment and recovery can greatly improve treatment outcomes. However, the app needs to work for customers. The key elements for an addiction treatment healthcare app include several elements. The first is providing an easily accessible place to see important recovery information about things like the sober house regulations, the local public transportation system, and payment plans. The next is providing recovering addicts with an outlet to receive help for themselves and others in the case of a problem or emergency. During addiction recovery sometimes dangerous events like relapses and overdoses can happen, but having this can improve safety and patient outcomes. The final crucial element is having an enjoyable and entertaining user interface. This makes users more likely to log into the app more often. You can make the user interface more entertaining by including things like games and a reward system.

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