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MDIS Communication Studies course

MDIS Communication Studies course

MDIS is a college located in Singapore that provides lifelong learning opportunities in a variety of fields to all those that are eager to learn and want to have a diploma recognized all over the world. One of the courses available is communication studies, where you can receive advanced practical skills along with valuable knowledge in media, broadcasting, movie and TV shows production, editing and other related fields.

Why should you study a communications course in Singapore?

If you are still on the fence and can't decide what course to choose, you can read below the advantages of communications studies in Singapore to get convinced that it is really worth giving a try. If you choose MDIS, you get access to a comprehensive and quality programme of studying tailored specially to Singapore requirements in collaboration with leading communications experts from the University of Portsmouth and University of Sunderland in the UK.

MDIS spaces for practical activities are equipped with next-gen technologies that are used by the largest media companies around the world. Students can practise their skills in modern television studios, where they get access to a wide variety of audio and video equipment that helps achieve the best result while producing and broadcasting media content. The imitation of a real television studio allows the students to see for real how it feels to host a TV show, take an interview or produce content.

MDIS has a professional teaching crew made up of media experts and lecturers with academic achievements, who deliver a comprehensive theoretical approach to the field of communications and television, preparing the students for the stage of practical training. The students are given the opportunity to introduce into practice what they have learned, from radio and video editing to TV hosting and reporting. In acquiring the practical skills, the students are exposed to a long-lasting process of preparation that implies much interaction with audio, video and editing equipment, and the assumption of different roles.

MDIS Communication Studies course

Students may have to report from the place where an emergency has occured, interviewing witnesses and looking for opinions. They may participate in real radio broadcasts, or imitate the hosting of a TV show, practising their creativity and the ability to overcome challenging situations during a live broadcast that is so unpredictable many times. The acquired practical skills ensure that future journalists will adjust easier to the real-world requirements.

The students may choose to pursue a degree in Broadcast Media Production, Digital Practice or Media, Culture and Communications. They can also go on after graduation pursuing a higher diploma degree that would give them a broader recognition on the overseas markets and a greater chance to get hired. The collaboration with international universities makes sure that students will get prepared not only for the Singapore reality and local environment, but will be also able to meet the standards of large media companies abroad. Those that choose to study communications courses in Singapore at MDIS become skilled professionals that are not afraid of challenges and have a brilliant command of media equipment.

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