Benefits of Using Transcription Services

Benefits of Using Transcription Services

In the modern world we live in, plenty of organizations make use of video or audio recordings to perform different functions. However, there is still a requirement for these recordings to emerge as written documentation and this can be achieved by making use of transcription services. There are numerous organizations and individuals that can benefit from utilizing this kind of technology – these include public speakers, medical institutions, market analysts, podcasters, and journalists to name a few. Transcription is also largely used in the corporate world for the purpose of reducing verbal meetings to written content. Wondering if you need to sign up to a specialized transcription provider? The following benefits may help you to make up your mind.

Increase in Productivity

To outsource to a company for either automated or manual transcription will help increase productivity in the workplace by freeing up an employee’s time to perform other tasks that are of greater urgency and importance. A specialized service will also be more capable of completing the task to a higher standard with no mistakes. It’s a win-win.

Minimize Your Budget

Making use of this service can help lower company expenditure in the long run. The costs to have a full-time employee performing this function can be high and the equipment needed to perform this task can be very expensive. The amount you’ll pay a specialized service can vary depending on the service required, the deadline, the length of the audio or video and verbatim vs non-verbatim requirements. That said, using a transcription service vs. doing a DIY job will always work out to be more cost effective.

Higher Accuracy

Automated transcription technology can increase accuracy in converting audio and video files into a written format because it receives information directly from voice and speech recognition software. Provided the video or audio quality is clear, the results are always accurate. Using this service is recommended when dealing with large files that may have multiple speakers, fast talkers or speakers with various dialects and accents. The constant improvement of voice and speech recognition software also helps to increase the capabilities of having the written format produced in various languages.

Boost the Value of Your Content

Search engines cannot listen to audio or watch a video, which makes these types of content hard to find in search results. If you really want to boost the value of your content and make it searchable on Google, using a transcription service is the way to do that. You can convert video to audio in seconds and then convert that audio to text. This is also a great way to repurpose your content into written blog posts or excerpts on your website.

Better Focus

Transcribing meetings and training sessions will improve content retention. No one likes to have to look back over visual aids and slides as we all learn better by having notes that are easy to read and scan through. Knowing that all attendees will receive written documentation of everything that is said during speaking events within your company will prevent note taking, allowing for better focus and concentration on what is being said during the meeting.

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