How To Choose the Right Size Pond Pump Fountain or Aerator

How To Choose the Right Size Pond Pump Fountain or Aerator

How to Choose a Pond Fountain

In addition to their aesthetic qualities, fountains and surface aerators add a lot of oxygen into the pond as the tiny droplets make contact with the air and bring it back into the pond. Do pond water fountains provide enough aeration? Determining if a fountain is right for your pond will depend on the depth, shape, and size of you pond.

If your pond is more than 6-7 feet deep, a fountain will not provide enough aeration., because the fountain cannot mix the deeper water with the surface water at the same time. The deeper water remains untouched and oxygen-deprived.

Subsurface aeration systems, like the Bubble-Pro, are recommended for deeper ponds to provide complete aeration. The air is pushed through air tubes and a diffuser that is positioned at the bottom of the pond. The air bubbles rise to the surface, oxygenated water then moves to the bottom, creating a healthy ecosystem.

The Shape of a Pond

Aeration is restricted in ponds with irregular shapes, like oblong or with coves. The oxygenated water created by a fountain won’t reach those isolated areas of your pond. Multiple pond water fountains or a combination of a fountain and sub-surface aeration system may be needed for proper aeration.

Sizing your Fountain

If your pond is less than 6' deep and uniformly shaped, a fountain will be a good option for aerating the pond. Next you need to consider the spray pattern and horsepower.

• Spray Pattern – The most effective spray shape for pond aeration is the classic wide v-shaped pattern. It does the job simply and effectively. The more decorative the spray pattern, the less likely it is to adequately aerate your pond because more energy is being spent on creating the patterns than on moving the water.

• Horsepower – When using a pond aerator for aeration purposes, a good rule of thumb to go with a 1.5 HP motor per acre. If you are using the fountain for decoration purposes only, you can go with a 1 HP motor per acre instead.

Surface Aerators:

Similar to fountains, surface aeration systems have a limited capacity for aerating a pond that is deep. If your pond is less than 6' or you would like to see a lower-profile of water movement than what a fountain or you need to quickly infuse a lot of oxygen into your water than these are the systems for you.

Understanding all the functions of pond equipment available and using our helpful Chart for Choosing the Right Size Pond Pump will insure you pick the right size for your pond or lake.

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