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Process of Design & Development of Apps

Process of Design & Development of Apps

It's not rocket science to develop a mobile application. It requires skills, however the process can be managed through agile phases.

However, having a successful mobile application is, though, a process that involves very thorough pre-planning.

Creating your mobile app could be as simple as opening the Files, putting a few items together, doing a fast round of testing and uploading it to an App Store or Google Play, all accomplished in half-day hours. Or you can make it into an incredibly complicated process that involves extensive up-front design, QA testing on a whole lot of devices, usability testing, a complete product lifecycle, and then launching several different ways. You choose the direction that will form your dream. Having said that, here's a look at the lifecycle of the app development and the goals and challenges along the way.

The Idea

Both apps start with a concept, even if yours is just for the existence of a mobile app. Fine - tune the concept into a robust application basis. Make sure that the initial analysis includes the client persona 's true race, preferences, behavioural patterns and goals. Keep the end - user in mind during each stage of the process. Now, try to think about the lifecycle of your customer, until their apps are pinned down. They need to be purchased, transformed, maintained after you have met them and nurtured their allegiance. Ultimately you will consider how the digital product will be used by the customer. Doing this right at the start will put you on a firm footing, and your openness would give you and your customers the much-needed trust.

Draft a Wireframe

The next stage is to record and wireframe the App flow, and consider segmenting future features and nice-to-have features.

While time at this point is not on the side, making detailed sketches of the envisaged programme really helps you to discover usability issues. Sketching offers much more than just watching the movements. It can be a potent tool for communication and collaboration. Wireframing will help you develop the ideas and organize the components of the layout in the right way when you're done sketching. In this initial phase you will overcome certain technical limitations that are found in the backend development process. Now aim to develop a clear understanding of how your proposed features and principles will integrate into a functional application. You should also create a diagram or storyboard to explain how each screen is linked and how users navigate through the app. Look for opportunities to integrate your name, clarify your opinion on the app user interface and design, and understand discrepancies in how users use a mobile app as compared to a mobile website.

Technical Feasibility

By now you may have a clear understanding of the design, and might be working with software engineers to develop the app for you.

You must identify whether the back-end systems may support the functionality of the app. To know if the idea of your App is technically feasible, you need access to public data through the compilation of public APIs. An app will have different requirements based on its size (smartphone , tablet, wearables, etc.), and the framework (iOS , Android, etc.). The team may have different ideas for the project by the end of this exercise, or have decided that some of the original design is not feasible. Brainstorm a little here, ask questions and test the scenario.

From here on out you should be in good hands with a good app development company to make sure your objectives and the target audience your app caters to are achieved.

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