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How To Keep Your Bathroom Child-Friendly: A Guide for First-Time Parents

How To Keep Your Bathroom Child-Friendly: A Guide for First-Time Parents

Jen Hensey 657 26-Aug-2020

There are aspects you need to consider if you’re new to parenting. Welcoming a child into the world doesn’t end with buying them toys, clothes, and other baby stuff. You will also need to childproof every part of your home to better accommodate your child.  

The bathroom is one part of a home where most accidents happen. The slippery floor, possible water and electric interactions, and hard surfaces can be a possible health hazard.

As a parent, you want to keep your children safe. There is no denying that accidents can happen anytime, but there are ways to lessen the possibilities of it happening. Renovating the bathroom into a child-friendly space is one way to ensure you don’t have to bring your child to the hospital for an unwanted visit.

At the same time, a child-friendly bathroom is not just safe - it’s also fun. At a certain age, children will start to believe taking baths or showers are an inconvenience because all they want is to have fun. You can encourage your child to take a bath by designing child-friendly features in the bathroom.

Non-slip mats and surfaces

Slipping on wet floors is dangerous if you landed incorrectly. It is especially common among children since they tend to walk fast or run without minding what’s in front of them.

You can protect your child from slippery floors by laying down non-slip mats on bathroom floors, particularly in areas where water is prominent like the shower.

Keep it all adult-sized

It’s important to note that your children won’t be young forever. They will eventually grow into young adults. If you design your bathroom to have everything small-sized, it won’t take long until it’s useless to your child.

The best way to build a child-friendly bathroom is to just keep it all regular-sized but have tools to help your child use all the bathroom functions properly.

Step stool

Children are short and they will struggle to reach some stuff in the bathroom. A step stool will help them overcome the height obstacle. It will help them reach the sink and the toilet.

Just keep in mind, as it was mentioned above, the step stool should also have non-slip surfaces to avoid the child from slipping and falling to the floor.

Colorful designs

Children enjoy colors and their attention immediately goes to anything bright and fun. Colorful designs in the bathroom can help keep them entertained while taking a bath.

Children like looking at things that are pleasing to the eye, and what’s pleasing to them are colors and whimsical designs. Splash lots of color in bathroom accessories like shower curtains, towels, and even the walls.

How To Keep Your Bathroom Child-Friendly: A Guide for First-Time Parents

Colorful bathroom for children. Photo from: Bathroom City

Double vanities

Some homes have double vanities because two or more people use the bathroom. In a large household, you will need double vanities so your children don’t fight over one sink.

Alternatively, you can teach your children to take turns. However, if you can afford the renovation then it’s better to have two vanities in the bathroom so the kids have equal opportunities to use them at the same time.

Not too hot water

Water temperature can often rise to an almost boiling point, and you want to avoid that to prevent your child from burning their skin. Ensure that your shower thermostat is set to the right level if your child likes warm or cold showers. A bit of too much can be harmful to children, considering that they are still at a very fragile stage of their life.

How To Keep Your Bathroom Child-Friendly: A Guide for First-Time Parents

 Organized and open bathroom storage space. Photo from: Pinterest

Accessible storage spaces

Open storage spaces can help children see what they need and have direct access to it. This will lessen the chances of them messing things around because everything is available within reach.

Keep the necessities in the lower part of the storage space, like the towels and soaps. Meanwhile, you can put the dangerous stuff at the top where they can’t reach. Also, have an extra storage space for children to put their bathroom toys and other toiletries.

Bathroom renovations and remodeling

Renovating and remodeling your home to be more child-friendly can be a bit overwhelming, notably for first-time parents. You want to make sure your child is in a house where they can feel safe and comfortable - away from harm as much as possible.

Your child should have access to the living room, kitchen, and other parts of the house without worrying if they can get hurt in one wrong move. They should have fun and be entertained as much as possible even if they’re just sitting at home. All of that is possible by hiring help from a home improvement company to assist you in coming up with plans to turn your bathroom or your entire home more child-friendly.

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