WordPress Web Development: Why eCommerce Companies should adopt it?

WordPress Web Development: Why eCommerce Companies should adopt it?

E-commerce website development is the talk of the town today. With online or digital marketing being the new norm, the requirement for e-commerce website development has increased ten folds.

It is not just eCommerce development that is attracting people. In addition, giving the eCommerce site, a WordPress touch, is also the demand of most of those organizations who want to make it big. But why WordPress eCommerce development when there are many ways to set up an e-commerce store?! Let’s find out why.

eCommerce Website Development

The introduction of smartphones created a revolution by itself and why not?! When every business activity could be performed just at finger tips!! Smartphones also gave online shopping a very big boost. This in turn motivated many organizations sell their products and services online. As a result, eCommerce websites flooded the market and continue to do so at a rapid pace. 

WordPress Web Development

There are many businesses, new and existing, that now go beyond providing information on their company site. They enable visitors to purchase products and services directly online. This is very effective as it is equally very convenient to the customer to access a market place online. Most of us would have heard about WordPress as a well-known blogging platform. But in reality, it is far more useful than just blogging.

When it comes to developing eCommerce websites, most of the companies recommend doing it in WordPress. Well! There could be some reason for this as there are many more options. Actually speaking, there are more reasons to justify the use of WordPress in eCommerce website development. Let’s take a look.

WordPress eCommerce Development

WordPress is known to be powerful software, best suited for website development. WordPress developers have found it to be very effective towards building an eCommerce site in particular. This is because of its flexible nature and also that it can be modified with plugins and themes. There is more to WordPress than just this!

WordPress has the best of Plugin Solutions

WordPress comes with all set features to suit website development. However, people would still be looking forward to adding something additional that is not there within the core product. This is where WordPress is of great advantage as it has a wide variety of plugins. Plugin is additional software which is installed to expand the functionality of a website. When it comes to eCommerce website development, these plugins play a pivotal role. They assist in activities such as managing inventory, customer interaction and even security. Some of the best plugins which are preferred by WordPress developers are;

  • Woo Commerce: this is a preferred plugin while customizing an eCommerce store. Woo commerce comes with lot of features including compliance with Mobile devices and security options.
  • WP eCommerce: this plugin is very useful while handling financial information. It also helps in handling sales.
  • Ecwid eCommerce Shopping Cart: This is a very useful plugin which helps you manage your websites on social media platforms. It supports responsive deigning and facilitates user friendly eCommerce website development in WordPress.

WordPress themes provide eCommerce options

In website development, selecting a theme is as important as selecting the plugin software. A theme is a software package that determines your site’s styling – what it looks like, how it’s laid out, and how features like menus and sidebars work. WordPress provides a lot of themes that plays an active role in controlling the appearance of the eCommerce website. The ease with which your customer can navigate through the website depends on the themes chosen. Some of the widely preferred themes are; Uncode, Shop Metro, Shop Landing and Shop Isle.

Security Options for WordPress Are Easy to Find

WordPress eCommerce development comes in with few challenges too. The common challenge experienced is with respect to data security or site security. As an online store contains lot of critical information, it must be well protected. WordPress has been around since a long time and has seen many changes. As such, it is highly secure software. eCommerce website development in WordPress is safe as WordPress development team frequently releases security updates with respect to security. There are ways to back up your site too. WordPress also comprises of quite a few software security plugins. This helps in boosting up the security software’s performance.

Community Driven Software

While WordPress gives you all the options to create a strong eCommerce site, there are certain complexities to be addressed. There are many official WordPress and YouTube videos to support on any clarification, a WordPress developer might need. Community support for WordPress is readily available.

Existing WordPress Sites Provide Much-Needed Inspiration

In addition to the above items, one of the biggest advantages to choosing a platform as popular as WordPress is that so many online stores are already using it. References always make life easy. While you would never like to duplicate already existing information, you will surely want to use it as a reference and build your own website. You can include your own thoughts relevant to the nature of your business. Existing sites can serve as inspiration and models for your own development.

Highly Scalable and Stable

WordPress adapts well to any upgrades your website might need. It is robust platform and supports website development to whatever size and scale you need. When it comes to adding new features and functionalities for traditional websites, it could be a challenge. Mainly for those that are created using sophisticated platforms, it could be a tough ask. This is not the case for WordPress-based sites. The easily installable plugins takes just three steps. Further, being a community driven software, almost every best practice is documented. So if you need to add a new feature to your site, chances are, there are other WP users out there that have documented what to do.

However, there are few organizations, which have stayed ahead in the race, much before the need arose. One organization, which continues to operate, by thinking out of the box in Building an e-commerce website, has been DeveloperOnRent. Its competency lies in hiring WordPress developers who are exposed to the latest updates in its WordPress web development services. What makes it a preferred choice amongst all our customers for WordPress Websites is its efficiency in developing user friendly and scalable, eCommerce sites.


With Digital Marketing and Online Business gaining prominence, most of the companies are looking at adopting this way forward. The strength of the organization lies in it being able to make a difference to its customers in the vast online marketplace.

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