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COVID-19: Guide on Moving with Family

COVID-19: Guide on Moving with Family

Jen Hensey 612 20-Aug-2020

We are facing a pandemic this year, and it changed the way we live as we cannot go outside freely, and we have to take precautions like wearing face masks and maintain a 6-feet distance to other people. The routine we once established is not something we can easily do due to these protocols. 

However, life still has to go on, and we still have to do some things that we have set before, like moving. Moving can be dangerous during this COVID-19, and if you are planning to do it by yourself, it will be more stressful on your part. If you need help from professional movers, some companies cater to moving services even this time.

Before hiring a professional mover, ensure that they implement the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines on the safety measures they need to follow on this pandemic. It is important that your movers are qualified, reliable, and trusted to do the job.

If you have already chosen your moving company, you do not need to worry as they know what to do to keep you and their movers safe. You will have a seamless move when you know you have a skilled moving company.

Here are the things you need to keep in mind when moving:

Preparation: Packing

Before you can start packing, make sure that you bought everything you need, such as boxes, tapes, markers, and labels. As much as possible, buy all the things you need in one shop, without the need to go back again. By doing this, you are keeping yourself safe from any possible transmission of the virus from outside.

After you bought the materials you need, you can sanitize them using alcohol. The virus can be acquired anywhere, so it better to be safe at all times. Then, you can proceed with packing the items which you do not use frequently.

Start packing your furniture, home décor, seasonal clothes, and mattresses. You can wrap plastic in your furniture and some big items that cannot fit the box. So when you unpack, you can easily dispose of the plastics. By doing all of this, you can lessen your packing time when you pack before and on the day of the move.

On the day of your moving schedule, try to keep a distance with your movers and remember to put soap or hand sanitizer for them to use when loading your boxes.

Moving with Family

If you are alone, it would not be a hassle, but moving with family needs extra precaution. Keep your family intact, and do not let anyone go in public places.

You can prepare some snacks or meals for your family while driving to your new location. Pack all the food that they need to keep them full. If you need to go to the restroom, make sure that they wash their hands well and sanitize with alcohol.

Moreover, it is important that when you go outside with your family, wear masks. Wearing masks protects people from getting a virus if you are positive of coronavirus. It might feel difficult at first, but it is essential to keep everyone safe.

If you are planning to stay overnight to hotels because your new home is far, then look for a place where they keep their building clean on this pandemic. There are many hotels following the CDC's protocols, and you can find one of them.

If you have arrived in your hotel, you can sanitize some of the furniture that often touches like doorknobs, TV remote control, tables, and chairs. Yes, it is a lot of work, but it is for you and your family's safety.

Arriving At Your New Home

If your new home was occupied before you moved in, it is vital to disinfect your place. The virus can stay up to three days on the surface, so if you want to make sure, you can sanitize the whole house.

Use soap and water because it is the most effective way of killing the virus and other germs. If your new house is empty, it would be easy, but if your new house has carpets, sofas and curtains, washing them are essential.


Your boxes and furniture were traveled and carried by your movers to make sure it is free from coronavirus and sanitize them before putting them inside the house. When you finish sanitizing, properly dispose of the boxes and plastics that were used.

Now that you know what to do, the important thing here is always to take extra measures to keep your family safe from the virus. Your moving company will also do its part in making sure that your stuff and furniture are safe and protected. If you are planning on moving during COVID-19, you can contact any movers near you.

Updated 20-Aug-2020
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