Latest eCommerce Features of Formidable Forms Plugin

Latest eCommerce Features of Formidable Forms Plugin

Formidable forms contain all the properties that one person may require to generate powerful WordPress forms and data-driven web applications. Let's unpack the features of the dangerous forms. 

● Build Forms
● Style Forms
● Get Responses
● Collect Payments
● Use Your Form Data
● Powerful Integrations
● 3rd Party Integrations

Build Forms

It allows you to make any Formidable forms for the benefit of the customers. Form Templates utilized form platforms get started quickly. Online Calculator Forms It offers an instant live estimate and computes advanced product options. Image for Options Show pictures rather than showing radio options or checkboxes in the quizzes. Import and export all the files, forms, documents, essential entries, etc. 

Style Forms

It allows you to style the WordPress forms. Visual Form Styler You can change the colors of the forms, borders, etc. Flexible Form Layout Design Produce smartphone responsive form layouts. These should look beautiful. Bootstrap Form Styling add Bootstrap to style instantly to all the Formidable forms. RTL Support Make forms with RTL text direction.

Get Responses 

With this feature. You can make formidable convertible forms. These make it easy for collecting the data. Multi-Page Forms with Progress Bar Divider hard forms into simple page forms. Repeater Fields You can add modern sets of fields while filling out forms. Save and Continue- When you have Logged-in, you can save forms. File Utilize all types of documents, files, and images for galleries or email attachments. 

Collect Payments

For collecting payments with your WordPress forms. You need to offer products, digital goods, services, etc. Stripe Payments It accepts credit card payments without users. PayPal Payments Offers instant payments to help your business. Payments Accept only a one-time payment option directly on the site. WooCommerce Products Add various fields to WooCommerce products to provide us with the essential details.

Use Your Form Data

Display Form Data with Views- You don't need to take assistance from any web designer or web developer. It doesn't require PHP as it allows its users to display it in different views.
User Submitted Posts & Pages include the latest posts and customized pages, titles, and crucial pictures. Front-End Editing, You can edit form submissions and any posts except looking at the admin area. 

SMS Notifications Connect with Twilio for sending SMS notifications after the submission of entries. 

Powerful Integrations 

Getting connected with the top mail, and stages, our add-ons are very supportive. MailChimp update leads in a MailChimp mailing list after the submission of a form.
Zapier- Connect with more than 2,000 apps such as Google spreadsheets, Twitter, etc. Constant Contact Fix the WordPress forms for generating leads automatically in Constant Contact.

3rd Party Integrations 

You can see the features given underneath. You can get support and help from the large teams.WP Mail SMTP Are you unable to send form emails? Then, WP Mail SMTP is there to help you. It helps to send the emails as this is very reliable. MonsterInsights It shows the factors like impressions and conversions.
LifterLMS Need course learners for submitting a Formidable Form before completing any lesson.


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