Know The Impact Of COVID-19 To Locum Tenens

Know The Impact Of COVID-19 To Locum Tenens

On this pandemic, we face different challenges that make us think of unsettling matters. We think of how this crisis can affect our health, our normal life, and our job. For locum tenens physicians of the hospitals who are front liners, different questions are in their mind about their contract, their benefits, and their pay.

Here are the answers to your questions if you are a locum tenens physician who is working or will be working on this COVID-19.

What papers do I need to start a contract while on this pandemic?

Your staffing agency will tell you the requirements you need because some healthcare will be asking you to fill out paperwork where they will ask if when and where is your last job if you have health problems and who you are interacting with for the past months while on this crisis. Also, before you can start working on the hospital, you will get tested for COVID-19 to make everything sure.

Are there any new policies or protocols that I need to know before starting my job?

All hospitals are controlling the ins and outs of people to keep everyone safe from possible transmission of the virus. All doctors, nurses, staff, patients, and visitors are strictly checked before entering the premises.

Should I avoid travel right now?

You are a locum tenens physician, and you are working closely with patients in the hospital. If you do not need to travel, just stay at your place to keep yourself safe from the possible transmission. If your contract changes to a different location and you need to move, it is best not to travel on public transportation and just use your private car for safety. If you do not have a private car, you can request your agency a private vehicle that can send you to your new work destination.

How can I manage the stress of working on this crisis while still being helpful to patients?

It is difficult to keep stress away from this pandemic, especially if you will be working as a front liner on this COVID-19. The situation you will be working on is very challenging, but you were trained for years, exposed to different patients, and hurdle the stress, so these things can help you get through on this new situation.

If I tested positive for coronavirus while under contract, what should I do?

If you are tested positive while under locum tenens contract, the first thing you need to do is to follow the protocol of keeping yourself quarantine for days and the medical advice to be healthy. We all want to keep yourself safe, and the people around you safe. Then, let your staffing agency know that this happened so they can take action about it. They can cover your expenses on this matter and pay you with the time you rendered working under the contract. Also, they will review your contract and let you know what they can do to it.

How can I protect myself on this COVID-19?

It is best to study the information given by the authority on how to take care of yourself during this time. Always follow the protocol of your agency and the hospital you will be working with. Always ask for questions on the people in charge of your workplace to know the changes in the policies. It is important that you stay updated on what is happening around you to keep yourself protected.

Do cloth face coverings adequately protect healthcare personnel?

A cloth face coverings or disposable facemasks can help protect other people from getting infected if someone is infected by COVID-19. If you are wearing disposable facemasks, wear and use it properly and keep at least 6 feet between you and other people.

Moreover, according to the CDC, “Cloth face coverings are not considered personal protective equipment, cloth covering’s capability to protect healthcare personnel is unknown. Facemasks, if available, should be reserved for Healthcare Professionals.”

Is COVID-19 can affect my salary wage?

In this crisis, locum tenens physicians who are traveling from different states or countries are seeing to get a higher pay rate. If you want to work in different countries, with higher rates of coronavirus, you can find some positions that are perfect for you.

Keep in mind that always follow the protocol, wear protective hospital gears, take your time, and stay focused on your job. Everything will sail smoothly if you keep your mind positive on what you do.

Now that we have answered some of the questions related to your concerns on working as a locum tenens physician on this COVID-19, are you ready to apply to this position? If you are ready, you can visit to apply today.

Last updated:8/11/2020 5:13:29 AM
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