Stop Dreaming Start Action

Stop Dreaming Start Action

The stop dreaming start action that has recently been attended by many people, especially bloggers and SEO enthusiasts, was directly contested by Mr. Joko Susilo, not just a contest to get prizes, but more than that.

Many people's mindsets have been fooled by the paradigm of the “ Stop Dreaming Start Action ” contest by just chasing the promised gifts which are very tempting.

But if we want to observe from a wider and wider angle, then we will get a lesson that is more valuable than that. The following include:

# The Importance of a Mindset (mindset) is Right in All Affairs

Mindset is a very valuable asset in all aspects of life. People can go through anything successful because they have been able to manage their mindset well, especially in this case internet marketing .

"Then how to manage that mindset well?"

There are so many ways to manage the mindset so that it becomes a valuable asset for us, but most of the time we break it even though this science is actually very simple.

And the science of this mindset has been proven and exemplified by our ancestors, such as: being diligent at being clever, saving on being rich, who is serious will definitely get it and so on.

All of the aforementioned generations are certainly familiar to us, but most of us violate these rules a lot, so when the rules above we violate a lot…. Many of our assets just disappear.

There are many kinds of assets, for example: we apply the knowledge of "diligent pangkal clever", then by practicing the knowledge we can become clever. Sebailknya if we break it lazily, of course we will get a reply also alias (sorry) "stupid".

Along with the "Stop Dreaming Start Action" contest and campaign , it is hoped that people will no longer only dream in the dreams they expect, but also follow up with real actions.

# Networking + Branding (Relationship + Image)

Many people say that many friends have a lot of sustenance, this expression has many truths. by following the stop dreaming start action kotes, there will be many people who know us, especially our site on the front page especially in the TOP 10 of Google , of course they will visit our site, even at the same time branding that we are the best at this event.

What does that mean?

People begin to believe in our credibility and will certainly be lifted, that way it will be easier for us especially in the internet business to sell any product because they already know us from what we show in this contest. Moreover, supported by an interesting article in the contest.

It can be said that the prize we will receive if we win with the brand that we will get can outperform the prize.

# Learning by Doing ( Learning by Doing )

Stop dreaming start action could be a contest for all of us to hone our skills, especially the SEO knowledge that we have learned so far.

If we usually learn SEO ourselves without the knowledge of our opponents, then the "stop dreaming start action" contest will let our opponents know that we are competing with them, so they certainly also make preparations that are no less mature than us.

But remember! Keep competing in a healthy and sporty way, even though they are rivals, they are actually our friends too.

# Evaluation

From here we can also evaluate the extent to which the SEO skills and lessons we have learned have been successful. If we usually win on certain keywords like "VeePN", in the "Stop dreaming start action" contest we don't necessarily do the same thing or maybe someone else will win it.

From this we can see that our SEO skills have not been tested properly and that makes us have a lot to learn more so that it adds to our SEO skills.

All right, maybe the description above is enough that I can give, if you want to add, I'm welcome.

Last updated:8/6/2020 5:16:54 AM
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