Mobile App Development: Answers to Your Most Asked Questions

Mobile App Development: Answers to Your Most Asked Questions

Choosing whether to make a mobile application is not that difficult. All it takes is a moment to decide.

The point where real struggles start comes later. Some questions for the later stage that demand your attention and effort include the decision of how to develop that mobile app, which mobile app development agency to choose, the platform to launch on, how long would app take to reach the market, would it prove to be profiting, would it be able to perform the desired way, etc.

There are many, and each one has a unique answer to it.

And, if you are looking for the answers to all such questions, you have come to the right place. We will target your most asked questions concerning mobile app development in this article.

So, without waiting any further, let's explore the answers!

Which Application Type Should You Choose?

You get multiple options when deciding which application type you should choose. Here are more insights about each one.

Native App Development

The native app development is about building an application specifically for a device platform using a particular programming language. It requires you to use platform-specific programming language, tools, development kits, and environment, etc.

Native app development should be your choice when you have enough time and resources for creating for each platform individually along with the requirement of the access to separate platform-wise hardware features such as touch ID, gestures, geolocation, camera, etc.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid app development implies creating an application that would serve all the platforms with similar coding. They are much in trend, and with all the ease and benefits they come with, having a one for your business sounds like a good idea.

You must choose the hybrid app development if you are falling short on time so that you can get one developed for all platforms at once. It is quite a cost-effective option as well, with high scalability and multiple features.

Cross-platform App Development

Cross-platform app development, too, uses the same code for faster development. However, unlike hybrid apps, this one uses a single toolset to provide an application across several platforms.

The cross-platform app development is your option when you are looking for agile development, perhaps, around or less than six months. It is also useful when you don't want to spend much on the budget yet need heavy logic and simple UI (User Interface).

PWA Development

PWA (Progressive Web App) development is about having the functionalities of native applications in the form of web apps. They provide features like push notifications, offline mode, access to device hardware, and so on.

You may need them when you wish to make a web application perform similar to a desktop or mobile application. They ensure such a seamless experience that it becomes difficult to tell if one is a progressive web app or a native application.

Choose Your Software Platform: Open or Closed Source?

Deciding on which platform to choose is another level of confusion. A lot like convenience, speed, flexibility, control, etc. comes into play here. Let's take a look to understand:

Open Source Software

Open-source software can be accessed easily by the general public free of charge and modified from its original design. It is the ones that are distributed with a licensing agreement. Open-source software makes computer code to be shared, viewed, and modified by others as well.

The software experiences various improvements over time.

Closed Source Software

Closed source software can not be used by the general public to look at or make changes. It is the proprietary software and distributed with a licensing agreement to authorized users only. The authorized users only are allowed to do modifications, copying, republishing restrictions, etc.

You can call it the opposite of open-source software.

It is mainly used by the ones who prefer to keep the secrecy of their product or service. It offers control over the brand, along with the type of experience provided to the customers.

Who Should be Your Development Partner?

When deciding who should be your development partner for the project, you need to think about various parameters. Think rigorously about who you should go with for this development cycle.

An Agency

With the decision of going with a mobile application development agency, you get a skilled team of professional developers with everyone from designers, developers to managers, and others. Every person works for the efficient fulfillment of your project.

You also benefit from developers or the team being aware of the latest market trends about innovation and technology. They would try to implement it on your project, along with ensuring the quality of the product.

The work takes place based on proper or legal policies.

The agencies also try to provide constant maintenance, updates, and bug fixes to maintain a firm long-term commitment to you and your project.

Hiring Developers

By hiring a developer or a freelance developer, you can work at your convenience. You can not only direct the person about carrying something out, but you two can mutually decide where and how to work as well.

You get the benefit of using the latest technologies here as well from the developer's end.

The developers with the non-disclosure agreement ensure the confidentiality of your idea or project.

You can plan everything from the starting until the delivery as you want by hiring a dedicated developer and product quality.

What Does the Future Have in Store?

Predicting what the future may have in store is a little tricky. The innovations keep on coming for good. If the mobile app development landscape is constant, the change is bound to happen.

Be it the back-end development of front-end development; you would get to see more frameworks, libraries, tools, or the updates in the existing ones.

For instance, you remember when Angular came?

After it came the React and followed by React, Vue made its entry.

That's how the advancement keeps ongoing and will continue to go on in the future as well.

And keeping that in mind, you have to make your development future-proof. You have to make your project so flexible that it allows you to embed the latest technology at any time in the future.


Mobile app development is more than just a simple checklist. There's a lot you need to think about.

A lot comes in between this cycle from finding the right mobile app development agency to deliver it to your target audience.

Give every question a deep thought initially to land on to the right decision in the end.

Once you have the answers to all your questions, you have managed to spot the right way for you!

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