Shelter Ashraya Nepal- Serving the children in need

Shelter Ashraya Nepal- Serving the children in need

Social service directly impacts on the community. It not only allows you to connect to society that we live in but also helps it make a better place. As you work, you’ll be inspired and feel the satisfaction that your work brings to you and society. Khusbu Oli is one of the names that are famous in social servicing in Nepal. Her effort to bring the limelight towards the street-connected children or the underprivileged ones so that they can be seen and their voices can be heard made her one of the most inspiring and promising names in the social servicing field.

Shelter Nepal, her organization established in 2014 envisions to what she relates i.e to ensure the safety of the children, youth, and the accessibility to all the basic rights. It strongly believes and works towards the upliftment of the underprivileged with the intent that there will be no children left on the street, regardless of caste, creed, religion, and language in order that they might lead their devoted and dignified lives. 

As a welfare organization, Shelter Nepal is working enthusiastically in the development of a society to bring awareness towards the education, placement, and security of the underprivileged children. With the motto to enhance the wellbeing, and safety of vulnerable street children and increase the knowledge, abilities and help kids to shape their future, this organization advocates the right to legal identity, education, and protection from violence. Hence, it mainly focuses on shelter, food, education, family and society reintegration, legal support, vocational and skill development training, psychosocial support, and sports and entertainment to accomplish its mission. 

Reintegration of street children 

With the objective to rehabilitate and reintegrate children living on the street by providing them, food, shelter, health care, education, vocational training, and life skill education, the organization contributes to awareness-raising and social change as part of broader efforts to prevent children from being at risk. In doing this the project aims to change the attitude and behaviors, and respond to and prevent further abuse and exploitation of children in target communities. 

Some of the major other objectives of the organization include:

To reunite street children to their families and society.

  • To offer emergency and essential health treatments.
  • To detoxify children in order that they might stay a chemical loose lives.
  • To build a strong network with GOs, NGOs, and INGOs for improvement of the policies of street-connected children.
  • To offer legal aid to achieve birth registration, citizenship, and preserve other property rights.

How the children are taken care of at Shelter Nepal? 

Children at Shelter Nepal are brought into homes through referrals and need assessment. Once they adjust to the homely environment, they go to school. Each child is properly taken care of. The team at Shelter Nepal do an assessment of each child while their right to self-determination of children, their best interest, and confidentiality are taken as the major consideration. 

The organization works on various aspects from identifying the real problem of the child to working on the behavioral correction. Along with it, family searching, lobbying to the concerned bodies for their legal documents, strengthening the relationship between the child and the family after reintegration so that child could adjust with the family, is properly taken care of.

The shelter also helps to lobby for children to attain all their necessary legal documents so that it would help them in their future endeavors. Vocational and skill development training prepares individuals for their livelihood with the intent to earn something for their living by being engaged in specific occupations in the formal or informal sector of the economy.

Hence, Shelter Nepal, as a welfare organization is bringing awareness towards the education, placement, and security of the underprivileged children and trying to bring positive change in the mind of people towards such children. 

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Khusbu Oli

Khusbu Oli

A graduate of Oxford University, Khusbu Oli is a great definition of the modern-day woman: she is a beauty queen known more for her social work than a glamorous lifestyle. She is a model and social activist.


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